How did you become interested in Holistic Health?

How did you become interested in Holistic Health?

Did you become interested because of health problems, or maybe it was a general interest over time. Please share your story.

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For as long as I can remember I have been passionate about mind, body and spirit harmony.  It has taken a life time of tragedies and trauma before I was willing to see the big picture from a holistic viewpoint.  I have not always been so open-minded, but the journey has given me a broad perspective, which is helpful when relating to others. Healing perception is really all there is to do in order to tune in to the unlimited potential that was always there to begin with.

My late husband and I had 23 years together.  We had 4 children and now I have 3 son-in-laws and 9 grandchildren.  I still have a teenager at home.  

Before I was a life coach, I owned several businesses that were related to either beauty, health or fitness.  I owned a fitness franchise for women before I decided to sell it and become a life coach. I woke up to the fact that every issue is healed by changing the mind about the mind.  This kind of holistic healing is permanent. All the solutions we reach for that come from outside of us never resolve the issue completely.  The answer is not to learn self-control, but to let go of all control to the One who has all the answers.  I call him God, but whatever you call him, he has created us like him and by removing the obstacles created in the ego, we can tune in to the peace within and then experience it in the world without. 

It is totally exciting to realize that the powerfully effective type of Eft I use has the potential to heal the planet.  Everything is connected and and we really do have the power to move mountains, raise the dead and live eternally.

My mom and dad always kept me and my brothers on Homeopathic remedies since childhood. My brother had childhood asthma and it was completely cured by homeopathy, when allopathic medicines were not even giving him relief at all.

Growing up I saw so many instances of homeopathic remedies working for different health issues that i became a big fan. When I had to decide my career I chose Homeopathy and did my Bachelors in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. Its a 5 and half year course recognized by the Central Council of Homeopathy in India.

Now I am a resident of the USA.

I am very passionate about homeopathy and  provide homeopathic consultation through my website


Ritu Sehgal

I became interested in Holist Health due to the fact of wanting to help others, as I have many interests all my interests are for the helping of others no matter which way I help. Also having health issues of my own, enables me to help myself also.

It is hard for me to say when or exactly how I became interested in holistic healthcare.  In high school I was nicknamed the health nut because I was the only one who ate salads.  I dove into health books about that time and became a vegetarian for quite a few years.  When my mother was diagnosed with cancer I kind of became obsessed; urging her to switch to organic foods, start a juicing regimen, and seek out energy work.  We were rewarded with every office visit showing little to no diminishing blood counts despite treatments of both chemo and radiation.

Since her passing I have been on a long spiritual quest for myself and in the hopes of sharing with others.  I have mainly done self-study, but am looking forward to starting school for a doctorate in Transpersonal Pychology.

As long as I can remember, I knew that how and what you think creates your reality. It felt like it was a life purpose for me to spread this awareness. My journey has taken me through many opportunities to expand that knowing and increase my understanding of the principles at work in this co-Creative process. I especially connected with this teaching after personal crisis and life changing events that many of us felt during 2001; opening new possibilities and releasing fear-based consciousness, the new influx of consciousness has supported my own personal /spiritual development as well as yours, I fondly suspect! My awareness of the energy of thoughts and feelings, of other dimensions and the expanding possibilities of new beginnings has exponentially increased. I was guided to pursue a doctorate of theology in holistic spiritual healing and to research the topic of Spiritual Integration. This research has propelled my quest of describing the potential of personal choice as a means of increasing consciousness within the mind/body. The end result catapults ones consciousness to a new, empowering level. I am sharing the insights and processes of this awakening technology on . Hope to see you there and to meet up here as well.
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