Hi Everyone,

I am thinking of implementing an Annual Membership Fee for Holistic Health Portal.

The main reasons for this are:

  • Cost of the website tools and hosting increase as the size of the community increases. When the size of our community crosses 1000 members I will have to pay a 100% increase in monthly platform/ hosting fees. We are currently at 812 members.
  • Time to manage the Community. I have a full time job and i'm managing Holistic Health Portal in my spare time. As the community grows more time is needed to manage it. I would love to leave my job and dedicate all of my time to managing, interacting and growing the community but I will need an income to live.

I plan to charge an annual membership fee of US $12. That works out to $1 per month.  I am looking to start this from May 1st 2013.

Before I implement a membership fee I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback on this. Are you willing to pay a membership fee? Is the fee too high, too low, or just right? etc.




Ian McLean

Community Manager

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I'm afraid I'm already paying out fees to a number of online listings & directories already to promote & advertise my business and at present I am not prepared to pay for yet another one.  I fully appreciate the costs of running a website as I know how much my own costs me so I can understand why you feel you have to do this. :(

Hi Ian,

It is fantastic to hear that you are growing in leaps and bound.  I feel that the fee is okay, altough, I would like to know how many people in my local area are going to have a look, as much as I would love to be part of your community, at this point I am just starting up and would really like to focus in my local area...that is in the Hills District of Sydney, Australia.

I wish you all the best success and continual growth.  With Peace and Harmony, yours in Yoga, Shahereen, Crystal Healing Yoga.

If I added a fully functional Business Directory for paid VIP access, would this be something members would subscribe to?

Szilvia Atwood said:

another idea is to offer free membership and paid, where the paid has some perks for the members.

It's not that the fee is too much, but I'm not sure what I'll get out of being a part of this site as a member. Will there be "meetups?" I haven't really done much with the site so far.

no i just discontinued it about 6 years ago

Ian McLean said:

Hi Szilvia, thanks for the advice on the ads. What happened to your message board, is someone else running it?

Szilvia Atwood said:

i see that you already have some ads on the page, pump it up more and it'll pay the expenses. I would not pay either sorry ...as the others already said there is too much competition that is free. however i understand where you are coming from i used to run a popular message board with 8000 members, and yeas there are expenses involved...i think ads are you best bet, because charging will just drive your members away.

i wii cancel my membership,sorry to many 12.00 a year membership in my life.R Peralta

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the email.  Unfortunately I would not be willing to pay a membership fee as I don't feel that I use the site enough to warrant this.  Hope this is ok with you.


Cheryl Morgan

Hello Ian,

Our company would not pay a membership fee.  If you have passionate individuals who get a social/intellectual benefit I suppose your proposed rate is worth it and not too high.  We typically like to have a presence on any health, wellness, medical related directories yet only do so on free ones in order to increase our SEO, brand awareness, and ultimately new patients.  

I recall there being limited activity in our area - near Boston, MA so I have not been able to make it priority to put more time into your site. 
Best of luck to you and your passion to build this community. 
In health & wholeness,
Stephanie Travers
Marketing Coordinator
Visions HealthCare - "A Complete Approach to Health"
170 Worcester Street (Rt. 9 East) Wellesley, MA 02481
910 Washington Street (Rt. 1A) Dedham, MA 02026
Office, direct: (781) 232-5431

Perhaps you could explain a little more as to how this group serves the members - in terms of getting clients, etc...

Hi Everyone,

thanks for the feedback you have sent me, I really do appreciate it.  In light of what you all have said I have decide to keep the current features in Holistic Health Portal free for you to use.  I will look for other ways to raise funds to keep the site sustainable. Some of you have already given me some great ideas, thank you very much.

One of the ideas is to add a Business Directory Application for paid VIP access, is this something some of you would subscribe to?

Hi Ian!  $1/month is amazing and so worth it!  Thank you for letting us all know and being honest with the work you are doing!  :-)


Hi Ian,

First off, great work & congratulations on the progress!

I think its a good idea to charge an annual fee for the site - after all it is a community site & all of us members gain from the same so it does make sense to contribute.

$12 is a very good annual fee - I would be willing to go up to $20 for a community site like this one 'cos its right up my alley and gives me the platform to interact with other counterparts in the industry as well as potential clients.

Keep up the good work & wish you all the very best :-)

Warm Wishes,


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