I thought I'd start a discussion with my latest blogpost,  please share what YOU believe!

There are so many paths, with each of us walking our own individual trail.

There are so many beliefs, spiritual truths, Universal laws, religions, belief systems, ideas and ways of Life.

And yet we find common ground, and quite a lot of it, isn’t that amazing?

In a world that seems to be spinning rapidly out of control, where we lose our so-called securities faster than you can say the word economy, we find each other again.

We are looking out for each other and we are finding our way back to basics, with more and more people are realising we are really all connected.

Just bum around on Twitter or FB for an hour and without trying very hard you find so many love-based initiatives, so many supportive, sharing people and organisations.
I'm hoping that when we're off-line we are all living, breathing examples of this beautiful vision we are sharing online, inspiring others no matter where we are or what we do.

So JOY to all of you that live from a sense of sharing, love, fun, belonging and abundance,
let’s create miracles together!


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