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How To Food Shop  Click here to view more details 

Learn the truth behind product labels and food marketing. Don't let food manufacturers tell you what is good for you. They are in the business of maximizing profits, not making you healthy. Learn what the front of any food packaging REALLY means and how to decipher the back of product labels. When we take our clients "food shopping", at the end of the tour they say "I cannot believe this is allowed and it's happening." Get educated; it's the best insurance policy you will ever get. Thyroid Diet Coach.


Elimination diet  Click here to view more details

Free your body from food intolerances that are killing your thyroid. It is estimated that 70% of the American population has some form of a food sensitivity (not just allergy). This guide shows you how to spot your food intolerances (the Big 5s and the Small 5s), and how to modify your diet to live optimal life. Nailing down food intolerances is Step #1 in repairing the digestive tract. As we always say here, at Thyroid Diet Coach Click here to visit Thyroid Diet Coach., a healthy thyroid starts with a healthy gut. 


Fire Up My Thyroid - Home Study Program

 Click here to view more details  Get instant access to good doctors, hear their advice how to heal the thyroid beyond medication, learn what blood tests to run and how to read them, what food will boost and sabotage your thyroid, how adrenals and female hormones impact the thyroid and so much more..  Plus, join and get support from a like-minded community. Thyroid Diet Coach.




If you are thinking of becoming a coach, I highly recommend becoming a certified professional coach with International Coach Academy.




Join Norm Shealy, MD on this Caribbean integrative health cruise





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