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More Studies on the Effectiveness of Reiki

Researcher Krinsley D. Bengston witnesses multiple cases of cancer remission associated with a hands-on energy healer. Bengston then apprenticed with the healer to learn how to reproduce the healing effects.

Bengston obtained 5 experimental mice with mammary adenocar-cinoma, which had a predicted 100% fatality between 14 and 27 days following injection. Bengston treated these mice for an hour a day for a period of 30 days. The tumors developed a “blackened area,” then ulcerated,…


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Reiki in Hospitals

Over the past two decades, Reiki has gained much wider acceptance in the medical establishment. Hospitals are realizing the effectiveness of the treatments and also the increased patient satisfaction. Many hospitals now include Reiki in their patient services, provided by their own physicians, nurses, therapists, and other support staff.

A research study at Hartford Hospital in Hartford, Connecticut showed increased overall patient satisfaction with the treatments. The findings…


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This past year has been a true test of my faith.  I have been working towards manifesting several things in my life.  I have planted many seeds which have yet blossomed.  I haven’t seen the fruits of my labor and was feeling somewhat discouraged.  As I entered in meditation and prayer I asked God to help me stay in faith. To show me something that would give me the hope I needed in this waiting period.  

Then something miraculous happened.  As I…


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The benefits of morning stretching

How do you start your day each morning? 

I always start my day with a good 5 minutes stretch because…


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HHP Newsletter Issue 2013-Jan- #2


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My Journey

Figuring out who I am has been a continuing journey of discovery. The more I dig the more is found, who knew there was so much depth beneath the surface. The journey hasn’t always been amazing, fun and self fulfilling. In the beginning there were many empty, frustrating, disillusioned days and nights.

Growing up I was always relatively good at whatever I did, whether it be sports, school or work. With enough effort I could do most things pretty good, I…


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3 Reasons to Never Drink Soda

Do you drink lots of soda? Whether it’s regular soda or diet soda the stuff is deadly for your health. Here are the top three ingredients in your soda that are packing on the pounds, causing neurological problems, and promoting your early death.…


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7 Reasons You're Always Sick

Are you always sick? Chronic pain, lethargy, muscle aches, gastrointestinal problems, and depression are not normal though millions of people just like you are suffering from them. Here is a list of the 7 reasons you’re sick all the time.

  1. Poor Diet

If you’re always sick, you might want to look to your diet. Junk food,…


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Look around you and you will be amazed at what you see. We take so much for granted because we focus on the parts of our lives that are hard or unfulfilled. But if we really stop to look at what we have...we are truly blessed. Others would only dream to have what we take for granted.

  • The homeless person wishes to have that little house you wish were bigger.
  • That mother who lost her son would do anything to deal with that defiant child.
  • The Father…

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Holistic Health Portal Newsletter Issue 2013-Jan- #1


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Happy New Year! 2013

Happy New Year! 2013

May all your hopes, dreams and aspirations be transformed into reality this new year.

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