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Sugar - the No. 1 food additive

We constantly hear about sugar and how it is so harmful to our health. Which sugars harm us and do any of them benefit us?

Let's start off with, what exactly is sugar? It is a simple, edible carbohydrate that is known as common table sugar, sucrose. It is extracted from cane or beets.  When you look on a nutritional label, it ends with  - ose such as glucose, maltose, fructose and dextrose.  Sugar is made from…


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The Importance of Triglycerides and HDL Ratio

Most of us get stuck on our total cholesterol numbers as the most important risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

It is actually the ratio between HDL (known as the "good" cholesterol) and the total cholesterol that we need to be concerned about.

Just divide your HDL by your total.

I will use my numbers that I just received from my doctor last week. 

Total cholesterol - 234 

HDL - 93

Just by looking at my total cholesterol most…


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Kansas City Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Answers: What Is Acupuncture?


What Is Acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an effective form of medical treatment that has evolved into a complete holistic health  care system.  Practitioners of acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) have used this noninvasive treatment method to help millions of people become…


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Soar With the Eagles – or Roost With the Chickens

Who Influences You?

When my clients start working with me to gain the objectives of improving their lives, one of my first questions is. “How many people have direct influence over your life, such as your spouse, children, friends, relatives, etc.? Asking this question lays down a specific directive for my client to assess.

It’s natural that you would care what your loved ones think. These are the same…


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Just chilling out now and digesting my Zen Coaching workshop Trust, Self-Confidence and Facing Change. Feeling really grateful for the amazing time with the group. Here is some feedback from participants (group profile this time: personal advisors/coaches, university lecturer, business professionals, councellors/therapists, health professional). Suggestions from participants…

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HHP Newsletter Issue 2013-Feb- #2


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Achieve Your Impossible Dream

Over and over again, we dream big dreams and have enormous aspirations. Unfortunately, our dreams remain just that - dreams.

Life could be a great deal better, if only we learned to aspire higher. The most widespread difficulty in setting goals is the word impossible. For the most part people get hung up thinking I can't do this. It is too hard. It is unattainable. No one can do this. If…


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Reiki popularity soaring and more teachers are needed.

Over the past two decades, Reiki has gained much wider acceptance in the medical establishment. Hospitals are realizing the effectiveness of the treatments and also the increased patient satisfaction. Many hospitals now include Reiki in their patient services, provided by their own physicians, nurses, therapists, and other staff.

An abundance of Reiki Master/teachers are needed…


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New HHP Badge Is Out - How Are You Sporting Your Badge?

In my recent post on the Living Consciously Blog Site I wrote:

Advertising: 7-Tips To Do A Good Job!

At the bottom of the post, you can clearly see how a badge can be displayed with taste and honor.

I am grateful to Ian for providing this service.

How are you sporting your badge?

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Weather – When it Rains, It Pours


“When I Wash My Car, it Rains”

Weather - Rain Storm Clouds

Weather – Rain Storm Clouds

Imagine if something as simple as washing your car could change the weather. WOW! What a world it would…


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Reiki; a natural healing modality

Reiki is a wonderful natural healing modality that is very beneficial to one’s self healing program as well as for helping others.


Often referred to as energy healing, Reiki is more correctly defined as an intentional healing modality. It is the focus and intention on the part of the healer that makes Reiki so effective.


Healing Today has been offering Reiki classes since 1999. Our home healing center is in the Tampa Bay area but we offer classes in cities all…


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Success is in the blood. There are men whom fate can never keep down they march forward in a jaunty manner, and take by divine right the best of everything that the earth affords. But their success is not attained by means of the Samuel Smiles-Connecticut policy. They do not lie in wait, nor scheme, nor fawn, nor seek to adapt their sails to catch the breeze of popular favor. Still, they are ever alert and alive to any good that…


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Holistic Boat Cruise

Click here for more details.

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HHP Newsletter Issue 2013-Feb- #1


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   As I experienced many times before, things keep coming back to you in different forms, until you notice them and absorb the truth they are bearing for YOU now. Yesterday I had a text exchange with a friend, also a Zen Coach like me. And she said in the last text: 'Let's see how things go. Let's enjoy the NOT knowing for now.' A few days ago I was reading about the acceptance of NOT KNOWING in a book. Not knowing if your…


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The Bitter Side of Sugar

Bladder keeping you up all night? Constantly craving sweets and dessert even if you had a full meal? Cranky and shaky when mid-day comes and all you want to do is take a nap?…


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So Who Is This Hippocrates Guy?

Hippocrates is known to many as the “Father of Medicine”. He was the ancient Greek Physician who composed the Hippocratic Oath which is still recited hundreds of years later by medical students on graduation day. Hippocrates stated, among other things, “First Do No Harm”. However, most outside the world of Nutrition are not aware of another quote by Hippocrates.. ” Let Food Be Thy Medicine..”. To those of us who are aware of the healing properties contained in living whole foods, this is our…


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