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Meditation for Beginners

Most beginners to meditation believe that you have to experience total inner silence and that the presence of any thoughts mean they are failing.  This belief is false.  What you should try to do at first is to reduce your thoughts.  If you can reduce your thoughts by about 20 to 30 percent, you will still reap the benefits and feel more calm and relaxed.

Of course, the ultimate goal in Meditation is complete inner silence but this takes a lot of practice and even experienced Meditators…


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Face Painting for children with Down Syndrome in Cyprus

Date(s) will follow soon.Ideas and/or help are welcome!!

U can follow the event or other info on my FB page Spiritual Education Nicosia.


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Reconnective Healing

I was wondering if there are any Reconnective Healing practitioners out there?  I would love to talk with you and bounce some ideas around :) Thanks!



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Meditation is acceptance. It is the acceptance of life within us, without us and all around us. Acceptance of life is the beginning of human satisfaction. Transformation of life is the culmination of divine satisfaction. – Sri Chinmoy

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Spiritual Awakening and Conscious Living blog

Hello everyone! It's great to find a community of like-minded folks interested in spiritual awakening and living consciously. Moving into a conscious relationship with the Infinite Field of Universal Consciousness is the life purpose of each and every soul! It is through an empowering process of developing a conscious relationship that we realize our individual gifts, strengths and talents that will support us in leading a fulfilling, co-creative life. Realizing the path of our True Self, we… Continue

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Are You Taking Enough Magnesium?

Magnesium is a nutrient needed for enzyme reaction in our body.  It is reported that 70% of our population isn't taking enough magnesium.  It is real simple to add more to your diet; eat more wheat bran, almonds, cashews, molasses, rye and dark leafy greens or take a magnesium supplement…

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So what is coaching really about, mummy?

My son curiously peeked into the room where I was coaching a client via Skype earlier today. My client showed understanding for this little disruption, yet still I was a bit uncomfortable, because I would like my son to respect my time for clients. He has asked me about coaching before and I have always answered his rather general questions.…

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Temporary Interruptions

Obstacles are only temporary interruptions towards our goal.  As humans we tend to reject them.  We don’t want to accept them, because they’re not comfortable and can be quite frustrating.  But everyone that has faced them realizes that they don’t last forever and they lead us to better things.


Obstacles help keep our focus towards our goal.  When an athlete runs a marathon he is constantly facing challenges in that race.  He has to deal with the exhaustion, thirst, weather…


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Every moment of realization leads us one step closer to opening the door or pathway towards new discoveries.

Every waking moment is a renewed opportunity to re-awaken to our Selves, remember who we are and resonate the true-essence of our Being.

In order for my day to be as I’d expect it, I must first realize that my thoughts control my reality.

So to fully enjoy my day is to walk out the door and step into my reality with NO expectations of ANY outcomes, only…


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   Inspired by one of my coaching clients and her beautiful exploration of her contact with her own body ♥ I am noticing that we, humans, tend to ignore our bodies a lot, taking them for granted and treating them as a silly and cheap tool that can always be replaced. Dis-EASE happens when symptoms have been ignored for too long and when we have been denying normal needs our bodies have. It is…

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How to Overcome Fear

Millions of people struggle with feelings of fear and anxiety. To overcome fear and anxiety, there are a few natural steps you can take.

What is Fear?

Fear is an instinctual physiological response to danger. Fear is a gift. Back in the caveman days, it was fear that alerted you to danger…


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Just saying Hello !

Greetings new friends and colleagues,

I just want to say how thankful I am to join this group! There can never be enough support and positive energy for us as we challenge ourselves towards the truest, best version of our life possible. Taking our future into our own hands can be frightening, but the challenge is what makes the rewards so wonderful.

I look forward to sharing our journeys together!

In the very best of health,

:-) Mary Cauchard…


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Holistic Therapy Workshops for Kids

Rose Holistics runs Saturday Workshops for Kids / Teens

Available Workshops are :




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Food Allergies

Food allergies are very present in today's market place. You can purchase peanut free foods, gluten free foods, additive/preservative free foods among others.  But food allergies are a scary thing to some. Food allergies can cause rashes, numbness, blurred vision, migraines, vomiting, diarrhea, runny noses, weight gain, weight loss, hives, blood in the stool and swelling.  Severe food allergies can even cause death. My heart goes out to the people who have to read labels, avoid restaurants…


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Balance Holistic Wellness: Introduction

Hi Everyone, I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Cynthia Kohut and I live on the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia, Canada.  I am a certified Holistic Health Coach.  I received my training from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I was trained in more than one hundred dietary theories and studied a variety of practical lifestyle coaching methods. 

Ever think about changing your life and your health for the better and not know where to start. Well I am here…


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Reiki Insurance - What do I need that for?

Reiki - beautiful, healing, and all good, right? 

Well, right. But...

"But what?" you might say.

But you still need to protect yourself. Reiki is doing something. And if you are giving Reiki to another person, it's possible that there will be legal issues happening behind the scenes. 

For instance:

  • Are you using a table? A chair? If the client falls off the table, or gets up from the chair, feels dizzy and falls down, you are legally liable for any…

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Things are happening here at Refresh

We have had quite a few exciting things happen here at Refresh, let me share which you some options that are now available for our clients.

Sheri will be practising out of Our Angels Center for Wellness here in Calgary.  Here you will find a variety of modalities to help you along your path.  Please click on the link and see the huge variety of services available to…


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Is dairy the best calcium choice for my child?

We have all seen the commercial "Milk it does the body good." or the latest one I keep seeing on the cartoon channels "Got Milk?"  Do you think that dairy is the only way to get your child's calcium intake for the day?  I am going to give you a few facts, options, explain the differences and then you can make an educated choice.

  1. Dairy is the best form of calcium out there.  FALSE!  The assumption that dairy is the only form of beneficial calcium for humans is…

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