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What is the one most important relationship that has started the minute your were born? What couldn't you function without, here and now, in your daily life? The obvious answer is (I hope :) the lifelong relationship with the body you have been using all this time. Yet this very precious instrument is often ignored, not loved, complained about, hated, abused, not taken care of, disrespected. It doesn't have to be this way. So how can you create a truly…

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Posture Power

By: Rebekah Delling

To me, the phrase “sit up straight” conjures childhood memories of stern
-looking nuns. But these lugubrious ladies may have had a point. Posture 
is important and it seems that this advice isn’t as popular as it used to be.  
is unfortunate given our tendency to hunch over favorite device, 
computer or steering wheel. Hunching has become the new normal.

One thing always bothered me about the sit up straight advice. Nobody 
explained the benefits of good…


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