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Arthritis begins in childhood

What the…!  Arthritis in children?  Is that even possible?  Sounds like a paradox.  And yet, research confirms that it isn’t just possible… it’s probable!

Osteoarthritis, or spinal degeneration, commonly touted as “wear and tear”, is a process most of us associate with aging.  And yet, as chiropractors, we see evidence of the early beginnings of this process in kids as young as six and seven years old.

Research shows spinal degeneration is detectable in at least 35% of people…


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Daily Word: Daily Inspiration From Unity

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Holistic Health Portal : Newsletter Issue 2012-Dec- #1


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How to Add a Listing in Holistic Health Portal?

Hi Everyone,

I would like to announce that the Listings feature has been updated.  There is now a “Holistic Health Practitioners” Section with multiple sub-categories to choose from.

Those of you that have Holistic Health Practices / Businesses can create listings…


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