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Cleansing (from the inside) makes you feel better

Here's how life can get better when we do cleanse!

- Helps remove waste/debris and toxic chemicals (preservatives, artificial colors, pesticides, herbicides, etc.) from the colon and other body cells.

Improves digestion (removal of putrid material associated with gas, body odor, etc.) 

- Helps tune up the intestinal system, which has a tendency to get sluggish without proper fiber and water.



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Harmful toxins around us (why we need to cleanse!)

“Death begins in the colon.” 

Different sources attribute this quote to The Royal Society of Medicine of Great Britain, Dr. Bernard Jensen and to Elie Metchnikoff, a Russian Nobel Prize-winning biologist. No matter who said it first, it seems sensible that the organ that houses the body’s waste and toxins for elimination is the same place where adverse health conditions would originate, and, consequently, health should flourish…


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Intentional Healing

The power of intention has played a significant role in the healing of individuals throughout history. In Europe, Asia and the Mediterranean, testimonials of successful healings have been etched in stone providing a valuable insight for future generations.


“Believe me, men, I have been dead all the years I have been alive. The beautiful, the good, the holy, the evil were all the same to me; such it seems was the darkness that formerly enveloped my understanding and concealed…


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What is the one most important relationship that has started the minute your were born? What couldn't you function without, here and now, in your daily life? The obvious answer is (I hope :) the lifelong relationship with the body you have been using all this time. Yet this very precious instrument is often ignored, not loved, complained about, hated, abused, not taken care of, disrespected. It doesn't have to be this way. So how can you create a truly…

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Posture Power

By: Rebekah Delling

To me, the phrase “sit up straight” conjures childhood memories of stern
-looking nuns. But these lugubrious ladies may have had a point. Posture 
is important and it seems that this advice isn’t as popular as it used to be.  
is unfortunate given our tendency to hunch over favorite device, 
computer or steering wheel. Hunching has become the new normal.

One thing always bothered me about the sit up straight advice. Nobody 
explained the benefits of good…


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Find your Life Purpose Today

Do you feel stuck, overwhelmed, lost your way? Are you searching for your life purpose and what that means? Would you like to align your life and career with your purpose?

I am offering a special "Find your Life Purpose  Coaching Session" for FREE.

During this session we will:

  • Get clarity on what is your Life Purpose
  • Uncover fears and  hidden challenges that may be stopping you from finding and living your Purpose
  • Leave this session re-newed,…

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Respiratory System

Who needs man size tissues!  Blocked up and unable to breath that winter bug got a hold of you once more?  What can you do to open up the airwaves and feel better… breathe cleaner air!

Read more about the…


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Change is Hard

Did you know the hardest thing about change is your belief change is hard.

Listen to this amazing 30-minute class that transforms your belief about change.

That technology you can't master, oh the problems with that pesky time management issues, procrastinations: that task list that been setting on your desk for weeks... they all…


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Train With Confidence, Choose NLP

Be a Licensed Practitioner of NLP, Time Line Therapy(r) Executive / Corporate Business Coach, Hypnotherapy

NLP Fast Track Certified Practitioner Training London,

NLP Licensed Time Line Therapy(r), Executive / Corporate & Business Coaching,

Hypnotherapy, TFT Thought Field Therapy 2 Day Training, 

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique 3 Day Training, Central London

June 15th / 21st

Clinical Hypnotherapy / Psychotherapy, Foundation Level, Diploma Level,…


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Celiac Awareness and Autism

Celiac diseases is an autoimmune disorder associated with the consumption of gluten.  Gluten is commonly found in wheat, barley, rye, spelt, food additives and processed foods. When a person eats gluten an auto response occurs in the intestine of the individual preventing the correct absorption of nutrients from food.  Gluten protein damages the villi of the intestine causing malnourishment, infertility, thyroid and cancer related issues.  Common symptoms of celiac disease are…


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Qigong and Healing

Qigong and Healing

The main conclusion from many studies is that Qigong enables the body to heal itself.
That's a pretty exciting statement. I've included information from studies below that I hope you will find interesting.
The following statements reflect the…

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Watch Your Thoughts

Watch Your Thoughts…


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The Law of Conservation of Energy states that energy can never be created or destroyed only changed from one form to another.


All matter and energy are regarded as equivalent. Therefore all matter cannot be destroyed only transitioned to another form.


All energy is in constant motion, therefore constantly changing. Change is the law of nature. This law of change was wonderfully described by William W. Atkinson in 1911 in the “The Mastery of Being” .He…


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Up Coming Aromatherapy Class

The Fragrant Connection Part II

Saturday, April 20th, 2013


$375.00 This fee includes your essential oils…


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Suffering as a Cue in the Movement of Wholeness

Suffering in your life or body

─ physical pain, emotional, mental, relational, financial or spiritual stress ─

are present to increase your awareness of the limited, fear-based choices that you have historically chosen,

so that you can NOW in this moment make a new, empowering whole and conscious choice. Resolve stress ... Read more at

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Spring Break in Australia using Mind Power for Personal Growth.

Use Mind Power for Personal Growth

We don’t know the next time we will be offering this. So you better take a close look if you really want to gain that Positive Mental Attitude you keep hearing so much about. Amazing Truths will be revealed…

These 3 days could change…


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Many upcoming Events in Atlantic Canada

We are in the business of Empowering People, and have several upcoming events in the area:

The Secret to Your Success™ A workshop type seminar, with NO group sharing.   Using a mixture of powerful NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques, Time Line Therapy…


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Business Directory is Ready!

Hi Everyone,

The Business Directory Application is ready for use. 

You can access it by clicking on "directory" in the top menu bar or you can click this link:

There are 4 Membership Levels to choose from: Free, Bronze, Silver & Gold.  A comparison of the features can be seen at this link:   …


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Meditation for Beginners

Most beginners to meditation believe that you have to experience total inner silence and that the presence of any thoughts mean they are failing.  This belief is false.  What you should try to do at first is to reduce your thoughts.  If you can reduce your thoughts by about 20 to 30 percent, you will still reap the benefits and feel more calm and relaxed.

Of course, the ultimate goal in Meditation is complete inner silence but this takes a lot of practice and even experienced Meditators…


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