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The Usefulness of Reiki for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance

A healthy physical, mental and spiritual state is the foundation for living a happy and fulfilling life. Being in great physical shape, having positive thoughts and feelings and enjoying a feeling of connectedness is the ideal condition for humans to be in all the…


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How Reiki Can Benefit Everyone

When alternative healing methods come to mind, one often thinks of a situation where conventional treatment techniques have not been quite effective, thus creating the need to try something different. The reality is that methods such as reiki treatments, aside from being complementary and working…


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Famous Tarot Card Reader in Gurgaon

When one consults Shivangi for a tarot card reading in Gurgaon one can be sure that the secret or Major Arcana will be used extensively by her. Like its name it constitutes the nucleus of a reading and is quintessential for fortuning. The picture of lovers on a card suddenly springs a surprise when it is opened in a reading. It may mean many things and only Shivangi the best tarot card reader in…


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Alternative Healing Techniques Exploring the Benefits of Reiki

Of the various healing techniques aimed to ensure general well being, the most beneficial restore and maintain health naturally. This is why Reiki is increasingly used as complementary therapy in a number of hospitals today. Reiki has helped people suffering from several physical ailments feel relief and…


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Reiki is One of the Best Gift to the People

At the point when a few people hear "Reiki", they rapidly envision a back rub procedure they can get at the closest spa. Reiki is no common treatment, in spite of the fact that it was acquainted with standard practice in the 1970s, there are…


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Benefits of Therapy for Stress Management

The highly stressful lives that people lead today has resulted in an increase in cases of hypertension, diabetes, obesity and overweight. According to doctors, the onset of geriatric diseases such as arthritis and…


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Reiki is simple and that’s okay

Nature with all of its magnificent power and perfection does not need any embellishments. Natural order, and all that is associated with it, is wonderful in its own right.

Reiki is part of that natural order. Reiki is a natural healing modality that is intuitive, instinctive, and very easy to learn.

Unfortunately our cultural experience has impressed upon us many unrealistic ideas. One of which is that something that’s simple is somehow of lesser value. When…


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Hola amigos, les comunico que yo enseño clases de Usui Reiki tradicional para los tres niveles en varias ciudades del país en Inglés y en Español. Se pueden encontrar cursos muy económicos en línea,…

Hola amigos, les comunico que yo enseño clases de Usui Reiki tradicional para los tres niveles en varias ciudades del país en Inglés y en Español.

Se pueden encontrar cursos muy económicos en línea, inclusive gratuitos. Si eso es lo que buscas…


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In Life, Does Self Acceptance Come Easily?

In life, Does Self Acceptance Come Easily?

Acceptance 1 If we are facing a difficult life transition, we can choose to let go, to stay still, or to remove the pain. It is up to us. What will help you in your transition and in moving forward is acceptance of the situation you are confronting. It may not be easy, but if you face it with all your strength…


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Second-Generation Hispanic Immigrants and Losses

Children of second generation immigrants who were born in the United States face a unique situation. In many cases, they may not identify with their parents’ home- land but at the same time may also feel different from the mainstream culture. As Glenn (1996) observed, the children who are…


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How Do I Find Happiness in Life?

Is Happiness Really Elusive?

Is it Impossible to be Happy?

As Aristotle said thousands…


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Can Cinnamon Really Help with Weight Loss?


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How Can Cinnamon Aid with Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the most popular topics discussed today owing to expanding waistline of people around the world. People simply love to cling to the thought of having a miracle food or super pills to lose weight. The reality is — you need to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly to…


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Brain Fog: An Overview of Symptoms and Treatments

Picture by: Pixabay

Brain fog is cited as one of the most significant symptoms of poor brain functioning. However, most individuals find this condition difficult to define, leave alone treating it. The reason: it boasts of an array of causes and connections.



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Common Sports Injuries and Their Treatment/Prevention - Massaggi

Do you love sports? Do you think you have what it takes to go pro? Are you willing to open yourself up to a life of physical strain and pain?

Is the lifestyle worth the risk of incurring some seriously damaging injuries? Learn more about sports…


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Top 6 Eating Habits that Help to Boost Your Intelligence

In this competitive world, it is extremely important to measure every step you take. You have to monitor your every move prudently to ensure that you are not committing any mistake. Only then you can expect to move ahead prudently in this world. But for that you need exceptional intelligence.

You are…


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Why Cinnamon Should be an Integral Part of Your Weight Loss Endeavors?

Weight loss is something a lot of people crave for in a world, where obesity is fasting taking the shape of an epidemic in different countries. But the public awareness about the ill effects of being obese are spreading fast as well. This is driving a lot of people to look for ways to lose weight and remain…


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Understanding the Causes of the Lung Disease Called Asbestosis

The lung disease known as asbestosis is named after the toxic material asbestos – it was previously extensively used in industries such as construction because of its excellent insulation capabilities against fire. However once it was realised how hazardous asbestos is when breathed in, a…


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Understanding the Stages of Mesothelioma

The condition known as mesothelioma is a type of lung cancer that affects the encasing layers (mesothelial membrane) of many of the body’s organs. It is caused exclusively by exposure to the dangerously harmful fibres contained in asbestos materials.

Knowing the stage of progression of any type of cancer is crucial, since it tells doctors how far the cancer has spread so that they can prescribe treatment accordingly.

During the diagnostic process (see ‘Guide to Diagnosing…


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Intentional Healing with Reiki

Reiki is a natural healing modality that relies on the healing intention of the practitioner for its effectiveness. It is a simple process that can be of great benefit to the individual’s overall health and wellness.

It does not require a lot of knowledge or practice to become adept at the process. In fact, it is an instinctual part of our being.

We are always healing. No matter what the disease or trauma our natural self is always in a perpetual state of healing and recovery.…


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