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Bartering of Goods & Services

I am pleased to announce that Holistic Health Portal is introducing a section to support Bartering of goods & services for its members.

What is Barter?

Barter is the direct exchange of goods or services without the use of money or any other intervening medium of exchange. Barter is conducted either according to established rates of exchange or by bargaining.

What are the benefits of Barter?

  • Create value from business downtime.
  • Tax…

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Value Your Own Wisdom

The Truths Within

Value Your Own Wisdom


Your very own inner wisdom should be valued more than any other and will always guide you in the direction you need to travel.

Throughout our lives, we will encounter individuals who presume to know what is best for us. The insights…


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The Life of Your Dreams

The Life of Your Dreams

Waking Up


We are multidimensional beings and our earthly aspects are a very small part of who we are.

Many of us are familiar with the experience of waking up to the fact that our lives are no longer working the way we have set them up. Sometimes…


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Little Gurus

Little Gurus

Learning to Follow


When we approach children with the awareness that they can teach us, we automatically become more present ourselves.

As grown-ups, we often approach children with ideas about what we can teach them about this life to which they have so…


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Reclaiming Our Roots

Our Earthly Origins

Reclaiming Our Roots


As we begin to see more clearly the people we come from, we can begin to alter our perception of who we are now.

Some cultures are more rooted to the earth and connected to their inherent spirituality. But every one of us, even those…


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Sacred Vows

Echoes of Power

Sacred Vows


A sacred vow, once spoken, becomes a part of your existence forevermore.

Speech is a vehicle for vows, but the sacred vows we speak are more than just words. When we make a promise, a subtle yet powerful shift takes place in our souls…


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Layers of Feeling

Layers of Feeling
Coping with Passive Aggression


Passive aggression is most often wielded by those who feel powerless and want to avoid their own true…

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Moving through Darkness

Moving through Darkness

The Places We Go


Often it takes something major to wake us up as we struggle to maintain an illusion of control.

In life, most of us want things to go to the places we have envisioned…


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I seize the bold vision to manifest the life of my dreams.

To visualize the life I desire, I may create a vision board to capture my intentions in words and pictures. Or I might write in a journal about my aspirations, outlining in detail all that is possible.

Doubts may creep in, causing me to question the validity of my ambitions. If so, I look…


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Change What Isn't Working

Steps to Freedom

Change What Isn't Working


If we don't change what isn't working in our lives, we will continually have the same day over and over again.

We have all had the experience of realizing that something in our lives is not working. This knowledge can come as a sudden…


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A Great Teacher

A Great Teacher

Living Like Water

Water is a great teacher that shows us how to move through the world with grace, ease, determination, and humility.

The journey of water as it flows upon the earth can be a mirror of our…


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Global Mala for Peace

Global Mala for Peace

September 23rd

San Salvador Estate Gran Couva

Join the movement!…


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Sitting With Feelings

As the Earth Allows the Rain

Sitting with Feelings


Taking the time now to sit with your feelings and acknowledge them will save you much distress down the road.

It can take great courage to really sit with our feelings, allowing ourselves to surrender to their powerful…


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Begetting Change

Begetting Change

Same Choices, Same Results


A change in perspective, behavior, or response can do so much more to help us move past issues left unresolved.

Repeated bouts of adversity are an unavoidable aspect of human existence. We battle against our inner struggles or outer world forces, and in…


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Yoga Studio for Sale

If you are looking to setup a Studio in Trinidad, check out Bliss Yoga Studio which is for sale.

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Permaculture Design Course

Check out the 6th Annual Permaculture Course at Wa Samaki Ecosystems, Trinidad.  I did the 2 day workshop and it was amazing.

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What is my Life Purpose?

Life purpose to me is the reason you are here on earth.  We live in large complex societies requiring different skill sets and abilities. What would happen if we were all created exactly alike? There would be huge voids in our world.  God, the Universe or however you describe it, has in his infinite wisdom created diversity in the human race. We all look different (except identical twins), we have different combinations of talents, gifts, and skills…


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How do we measure the worth of a man?

How would you measure the worth of a man? Is it the size of his paycheck, the cost of his watch, the car he drives, mansions owned?  Are we merely a dollar value of Assets – Liabilities = Equity.  For many this is how they perceive the worth of a man.

What about someone who:

  • works as a volunteer to feed the hungry of the world
  • brings joy and happiness to those around them
  • gives unconditional love freely
  • brings healing to…

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Check out this song "Gaia" from Richard Solis a very talented conscious muscian.

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