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In Life, Does Self Acceptance Come Easily?

In life, Does Self Acceptance Come Easily?

Acceptance 1 If we are facing a difficult life transition, we can choose to let go, to stay still, or to remove the pain. It is up to us. What will help you in your transition and in moving forward is acceptance of the situation you are confronting. It may not be easy, but if you face it with all your strength…


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Second-Generation Hispanic Immigrants and Losses

Children of second generation immigrants who were born in the United States face a unique situation. In many cases, they may not identify with their parents’ home- land but at the same time may also feel different from the mainstream culture. As Glenn (1996) observed, the children who are born to immigrant parents may have no connection to their parents’…


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How Do I Find Happiness in Life?

Is Happiness Really Elusive?

Is it Impossible to be Happy?

As Aristotle said thousands…


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