10 Surprisingly True Facts About Lips to Lips Kissing

Thought to a gesture of love and passion, lips to lips kissing is a spontaneous reaction when you feel attached to the opposite sex. However, there are many surprising facts about this activity that people do not know. Enlisted here are 10 little-known facts about this activity.

  • Humans are not the only species to be engaged in kissing. Like us, apes also kiss with passion. They bring their lips together sometimes to show affection but sometimes to show excitement and reconciliation as well.

  • Even after research scientists have failed to find why human beings kiss but some people are of the opinion that it is associated with early feed experiences. They receive pre-chewed food from the mouth of mother and learn how to apply lip pressure with love.

  • It was Romans who introduced kissing to the cultures of many countries where it was a taboo.

  • During kissing your noses are close enough to assess the compatibility. In a study conducted by University of Lausanne in Switzerland females love to kiss the partners whose immunity coding genes are different from their own. This is so because it is belkieved that mixing genes produce the offspring with a strong immune system.

  • When you kiss or even by catching the sight of a person you are attached to you release dopamine. This neurotransmitter is linked with the feelings of desire and produced in the ventral segment of our brain. It is the same region that gets affected by the drug addiction.

  • There are earliest literary evidences right from the Northern India Vedic Sanskrit text written 2,000 years back. There is portion in “Satapatha Brahmana that mentions lovers setting their mouths closer for kissing.

  • Secretion of dopamine in excess is linked to aapetite loss and lack of sleep. Hence you show the same symptoms when you fall in love.

  • It is seen that a majority of people turn their head towards right when they kiss. Psychologists in Germany are of the view that this behavior is due to the head turning preference observed in babies and fetuses.

  • When a man gives an open mouthed kiss to his partner, he passes testosterone. Repeated kissing enhances the female libido and make her more receptive to the act that follows.

During the act of lips to lips kissing partners shut their eyes because they are unable to cope with the extreme tactile sensation of kissing and the visual data simultaneously. 

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