5 Exercises to Help You in Recovering from Varicose Veins

An exercise a day keeps the varicose veins away to an extent. If you are suffering from this disease, then you can do physical activity regularly as it can reduce your chances of increasing varicose veins. The physician of vein clinic San Jose assists that the exercise reduces the symptoms of varicose veins and improves your condition. Well, exercise is not enough to recover from the disease but you must also do some physical activities. There’s no foolproof way to keep the varicose veins away from you but the risk can be decreased. Exercise enhances the blood circulation in your legs and keeps the blood pumping healthy.



Even though specialists of the vein center San Jose also say that physical activity helps to maintain good body weight due to which weight-related vascular issues are reduced. 


People who are taking vein treatment San Jose are advised to do walking at least for 30minutes a day. It is extremely beneficial and safe for all ages of people. Regular walking can help you to decrease your weight. It also maintains healthy blood circulation and provides strength to the muscles and bones.


The vein doctor San Jose tells that bicycling is a smooth and easy exercise. It can also improve blood circulation same as walking also helps in your joint movements. Doing regular bicycling provides strength to your calf muscles and healthy blood flow. 

In case you don’t have a bicycle, you can stretch your legs’ muscles. All you need to do is on your back, bring your knees to your chest, make a pedaling posture with your legs.



Leg Lifts

The vein specialist San Jose suggests you do leg lifts. It is a simple stretching exercise that does not require any equipment. You have to lie flat on your back, then lift one leg at a time. Hold the same position in the air for a few seconds. After doing this, you have to switch your leg. This exercise helps in stretching your legs muscles. Many do this exercise while standing. You can use a chair and hold onto a stable chair or any other object and put your leg on it. Hold in the same position, then switch the legs.


Lunges improve a group of muscles in your feet and calves. The vein doctor San Jose says that these muscles help to keep your blood flowing in an accurate direction. All you need to do is stand slightly apart, take a step forward and bend your knee. You need to ensure that your knee directs towards your ankle, hold like it for some time, then stand straight and try the same with another leg.

Rocking feet

This exercise helps in preventing you from the risk of varicose veins. After the vein treatment San Jose you need to take a rest but do some exercise to maintain your body fit. You have to hold your weight on the ball for a few seconds, afterward, you have to lower the heel. Next, hold your weight on your heel and try to lift the ball. Repeat it for at least 10minutes. 

Rounding Off!

These are the five exercises that you should do. You will feel better and keep your body healthy. Also, the blood circulation and muscles will be fit and fine. The risk of varicose veins and their symptoms will surely get reduced.

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