Becoming a Certified Energy Therapist

Energy therapies are complementary or alternative methods of medical treatment. These healing methods make use of energy sources to heal diseases and improve health and wellbeing. The energy sources could be internal, from the human body (biofield); or external, using electromagnetic fields or both.

Common examples of energy therapies include:

  • Reiki,
  • Qigong,
  • Therapeutic touch
  • Magnetic Therapy.


Mikao Usui in Japan first developed this therapy. It dates as far back as 1922. Reiki is the most spiritually focused form of energy healing. For healing to occur, a trained Reiki therapist channels energies through their hands into the body of the sick person. Physical, spiritual and emotional ailments can be cured using Reiki therapy.

 Reiki healers also engage in daily self-healing. They do this using touch (placing their hands on their body) or non-touch techniques.

To be a Reiki therapist or practitioner, learn some Top Reiki Courses London UK. After completing the three levels of certification, Reiki healers can proceed to obtain a practicing license.


This method of energy healing originated in China. Qigong healers use the following techniques: meditation, postures, breathing, movement and guided imagery.

Qigong is divided into 3 broad types:

  • Medical Qigong for healing.
  • Spiritual Qigong for enlightenment.
  • Martial Qigong for physical strength.

Qigong healers perform the following:

  • Distance healing
  • Massage
  • Tool Manipulation
  • Qi emission

Qigong courses are available for prospective Qigong healers.

Therapeutic Touch

This is a natural healing process where the therapist manipulates the patient’s energy field by placing their hands near or on the patient. In Therapeutic touch, the energy field must be balanced or cleared to achieve healing.

Career opportunities exist in National Health Care or privately after obtaining the and necessary training getting registered.

Magnetic Therapy

This involves the use of magnets to heal diseases. Magnetic therapy is over 2000 years old. It is beneficial in the treatment of musculoskeletal diseases.

The magnets can be used in two ways. These include:

  • Increasing blood flow to the affected area to relieve pain.
  • Releasing endorphins through the stimulation of nerve endings. These endorphins give a feeling of euphoria and wellbeing.

These Magnets may come as pendants, bracelets, shoes, gloves, rings, and earrings. A Certified Diploma in Magnetic Therapy can be obtained either online or on campus after taking some courses.

Energy healing complements Orthodox Medicine and everyone benefits from it. Certain studies have shown energy healing to be advantageous in the treatment of cancers. Energy healing is non-invasive. Energy healers can operate from anywhere and at any time without the hindrances encountered with Orthodox medicine.

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