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The function of the bursas is to decrease the friction of the bone with the soft tissues during the movement of the joints. They can be located in areas where there may be friction between soft tissue and bone.

New Jersey Treatment For Elbow Pain

The inflammation of bursas or bursitis produces swelling and pain in them, which limits the movement of the affected joint. The symptoms depend on the affected area and may appear suddenly or gradually increasing the pain. Which can be reduced with help of doctors who specialize in rheumatoid arthritis?

The person who suffers from bursitis may notice it by touch since the skin surrounding the bursa is more sensitive and with an increase in local temperature. Swelling and redness may appear on the more superficial joints. Another possible symptom is the decrease in mobility of the joint due to pain.


Bursitis can be due to two major causes:

  • Mechanical cause: by repetitive movement that rubs the bursa, or by a prolonged and excessive pressure of the joint; or a direct traumatic injury, which is what happens when a contusion occurs.
  • Inflammatory, systemic or metabolic causes: such as rubetoid arthritis, gout, or injury or infection. It can also be associated with thyroid disease or diabetes.

There is talk of acute bursitis when the symptoms appear in a short space of time, usually with associated inflammation. The most frequent cause is direct trauma or the repetition of movements that cause friction in the bursa. In the absence of trauma or repeated damage to the bursa, it is important to rule out an infection, inflammatory or metabolic disease.

The chronic bursitis is the result of having suffered acute bursitis or repeated occurs when bursitis healing is incomplete, perpetuating inflammation. Symptoms may be present for several weeks and are usually recurrent.

Risk factors

Bursitis is more frequent in those people who, because of their work, repeatedly and excessively use a certain joint, such as hairdressers, surgeons or carpenters; and in athletes such as athletes dedicated to throwing, runners or dancers.

It can also be common in people who have bad posture or make incorrect use of certain joints. So joint pain treatment is must

Diagnosis by doctors who treat arthritis

The doctors specializing in bursitis will analyze the patient's complete medical history and perform a scan of the damaged joint.

In the most superficial regions, such as the elbow or kneecap, the inflammatory signs are very striking and the diagnosis can be made by direct examination by doctors specializing in bursitis near me. In deep regions such as the hip, imaging methods, such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance imaging, may be necessary to diagnose it.

X-rays by joint pain doctors can help us rule out associated bone damage or foreign bodies that have penetrated the region in the event of trauma. You should always aspire and analyze the liquid content of the bursa to specify the diagnosis.


It is essential to correct the technical or postural gesture that causes bursitis. On the other hand, it is also convenient to use joint protectors during the practice of physical activity.

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