Chronic back pain treatment as recommended by doctor

Different forms of chronic pain syndrome affect women more than men, except psoriatic, which is equally common in men.

People, both men and women, can live differently from physical changes and feel pressure to look attractive, increasing their vulnerability to feeling shame about the plaques of psoriasis and limitations associated with the pain of arthritis.

In particular, coexisting with skin lesions of psoriasis as well as pain and inflammation in joints is not easy for men or women, and everything related to physical appearance can become an added stress factor.

If at any time these issues cause you anxiety or discomfort, do not hesitate to discuss them with your chronic pain management doctor in case you could attend meetings with other patients, psychotherapy sessions or other activities that allow you to reconnect with your body.

Today, people with chronic pain have the same chances of conceiving as the rest, and share the difficulties to achieve it: one in five couples in the Western world have problems in that sense that are not linked to psoriatic arthritis.

Plan your pregnancy with the help of your rheumatologist

It is very important to talk with your rheumatologist for chronic back pain treatment before planning a pregnancy if you are taking medication for psoriatic arthritis. The doctor will be able to examine which drugs are suitable for you, helping you to plan the pregnancy in an appropriate way.

Will my psoriatic arthritis worsen with pregnancy?

Although some types of arthritis improve during pregnancy, in the case of psoriatic arthritis there is no evidence that this is the case.

It is important that during pregnancy planning you have the proper treatment by chronic pain specialist near me. Inform your rheumatologist that you want to have a child to prescribe the most appropriate drugs, according to your criteria and also can make a close follow-up during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and post-partum.

During pregnancy, care of a woman with psoriatic arthritis

During pregnancy you will have to inform your gynecologist and chronic pain management doctors near me about your situation, and to prepare the delivery, your midwife's classes will be very important.  Do not stop chronic back pain treatment

Your medical condition may be considered risky by your obstetrician, and this far from worrying you should indicate that you will be closely monitored and controlled by health professionals. 

Postpartum and psoriatic arthritis

Postpartum may not be easy for many women. All mothers know how hard the first weeks of parenting can be.

If you suffer from chronic muscle pain, you watch the symptoms very much because you may be getting worse these days. Pregnancy hormones that sometimes produce an improvement in the disease are now disappearing and the symptoms may be added to the common postpartum, making it more difficult. Nowadays it is possible to control these symptoms if you keep in close monitoring with your chronic pain management doctors. Follow-up with the chronic pain doctors near me is essential to avoid an outbreak.

Asking for help and delegating to people who love you does not make you a worse mother. The best mother for your son or daughter is you.

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