Now unlike earlier days getting a hard copy of a document is no more difficult. Now it is all possible just by a click of a button. All thank to printers. No matter if it an important document or our favorite picture, getting a hard copy of them is just a matter of few minutes. Many a time we come across a number of  error codes while using our printers this are nothing but a message that indicates the trouble your printer is facing while printing the document. So today we will look into ways that will help you fix the issue. If you face any difficulty while following the steps then contact HP Printer Customer Support.



This error is generally caused when the printer driver is missing, there is a conflict in the driver manager or if the printer is not selected as the default printer. so the steps to fix the problem are as follows-

Method 1-

  • First click on start and then go to printer and faxes.
  • Now go though the printer folder and check for your printer icon. Also see if there is a check mark next to it. Having a check mark indicates that the printer is set as a default printer.
  • In case if the check mark is missing then right click on the printer and click on the ‘set as default printer’ option.
  • Following that right click on the printer and select the print test page. This will print a windows print test.
  • If it prints properly then your problem is solved if not then go to the next step.

Method 2-

  • First start by right clicking on my computer and then select properties.
  • Now click the hardware tab and then click on the device manager.
  • Then double click on the universal serial bus controller.
  • Now disconnect the USB cable from the computer and then again reconnect it.
  • Now follow the instruction that is displayed on your computer screen to install the driver.
  • Then click on the start option and select printer and faxes. This will open the printer folder.
  • Now look for the icon that represents the HP printer and further click on the print test page. This will print a self test page.

Thus your problem will be solved.



The HP Printer Customer Support works all round the clock to provide you the best service possible. A team of technicians make sure that all your queries are answered and you get the right solution for your entire problem. If you come across any issue while using your printer then call +1-888-621-0339 for assistance.


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