Four Effective Forms of Alternative Medicine for Prospective Healers

Many of us would love to heal people; one body at a time, we hope to even heal the world. The idea that healing is only done through conventional medical science alone however, is outdated. Here are four grand forms of holistic medicine available to the healers of tomorrow.


Originating in ancient China, acupuncture is based on the use of needles at specific points to access the body to manage or relieve pain, it can as well include the application of heat and electrical charges to stimulate the body. Its key function is to strengthen the body, promoting its healing function. Acupuncture is a delicate art that requires a lot of precision and knowledge, as such it is vital to learn from a trained professional.


This was developed in Japan in 1922 by the Buddhist, MikaoUsui. Reiki is a means of reducing stress in order to promote healing. It is founded on the belief that humans have life force energy flowing through them, the state of which determines wellbeing. This form of alternative medicine is performed by placing hands on or close to the skin in order manipulate life force energy. Reiki is not taught in the usual, conventional sense. It is normal for students to learn by undergoing Reiki firsthand from a trained master. For those who wish to learn, it is very possible to find the right Reiki courses in London.

Massage therapy

This is one of the more common but no less effective forms of holistic medicine.  Practitioners are trained in the manipulation of soft tissues of the body, with their hands they are able to locate and adjust areas of the body that harbor tension and stiffness. Massage therapy is most often used to release tension, stimulate the nervous system andto promote circulation, flexibility, relaxation, and healing. The fact that massage therapy is so common makes learning it incredibly easy, with several sources available on the internet that allow a person to learn to perform massages safely. For those who want further training, there are many courses, online and offline.


The form of holistic medicine is similar to massage therapy, but is centered around the spine and related soft tissues of the body.Its purpose is to correct damage and restore the body to a healthy state. The spine is a central part of the body, distortions and misalignments hinder the body’s ability to function and causes pain. The sensitive nature of chiropractic makes it advisable to receive training in a formal setting or school. This commonly takes between one to three years.

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