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From The Portland Peace Conference to Healers Unite Magazine, Karen Monteverdi, CPC started a movement to assist healers, coaches and spiritual leaders to get in front of the world. I have experienced Karen's light and that is why I am moved to share with you the Healers Unite movement. I am completely in alignment with the mission of the Healers Unite movement; we are now over 3400 people strong, online and offline.
(The magazine is now found online at http://healersunitemagazine.com)

Our mission is to assist alternative methods of healing to become more mainstream by instructing our community with tools, techniques, and strategies to expand their reach, stay in business and become financially able to grow.

This year we are offering another opportunity through the Healers Unite TeleSummit.
You can sign up for the informational packet today at http://healersunitetelesummit.com or, Click Here

The Healers Unite TeleSummit is a conference where Healers, Coaches and Spiritual Leaders have come together to teach you classes. This is not just a “get-to-know” us session, rather, we will teach you actual strategies and offer you real life experiences to prepare you to grow your business and balance your life in the process. Leading up to the conference we will send you information about why the course work would be helpful to you, and how you can become part of the Healers Unite mission.

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