Here’s what to Expect in a Reiki Session

Reiki is a form of healing based on the principle of spiritual energy that originated from Japan. It is based on the premise that the body has the ability to heal itself under the right conditions.

Virtually everyone who has had a Reiki session has something positive to say about the experience. Reiki therapy or massage can be used to manage a variety of health conditions sometimes alone and sometimes in combination with regular medical treatments.

Planning on a Reiki session anytime soon, here’s what to expect.

There is actually no set protocol or predefined rules of what to expect in a typical Reiki session. A session can take any length of time, but most practitioners tend to stick to a one hour time table. While it is advisable to work with a qualified Reiki practitioner, just about anyone can administer Reiki (It can be a healthcare provider, a friend or a family member) as long as the person has been through some form of training such as Holistic Massage Therapy Courses London. However, a professional practitioner will have the skills and experience to give you the full treatment you need.

The Reiki setting

Reiki is best done in a quiet environment where there will be no disturbance. Professional Reiki practitioners usually have a studio where they administer Reiki to clients. They also know how to create the right environment if they have to make a house call. Reiki is usually administered when the client is reclining comfortably on a massage mat or table. In some cases, a massage chair or recliner is used. Usually, there is soft soothing music coming from hidden speakers to set the right mood.

The Reiki process

The client is usually fully clothed and lying or sitting based on the unique circumstances. Reiki is typically offered through light non invasive touches with the practitioner’s hands on different parts of the body such as the head, feet and torso (front and back). If you prefer not to be touched by the practitioner, he or she can place their hands a few centimeters above your body without any touch whatsoever. However, in the case of physical contact, no sensitive part of your body will be touched and you can let the practitioner know beforehand if you want a light touch or no touch at all.

What you will feel

A lot of people say they feel a sense of peace and relaxation, others feel calm while few feel nothing at all. What this means is that the feeling is unique to the client. In some cases, the relaxing techniques of the practitioner will make the client to fall asleep. However, be rest assured that asleep or awake, you will receive the full benefits of Reiki and will definitely feel better for it.

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