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Issue 2013-Feb- #1

Bi-weekly digest time, folks! Who's signing up, who's making waves and what's new?

We're looking for a member to feature in March 2013 so get in touch if you're interested.


Invite the most people to join our community and win 2 Free Coaching Sessions with me plus be featured in our Newsletter. Competition runs for 1 month (16 Jan - 15 Feb).

To invite friends and colleagues to join click this Invite Link or when you on the site click "invite" in the menu bar. The invite feature allows you to send invites to friends in your gmail, yahoo, windows live, facebook and outlook address book.  With the facebook feature though you can only invite one person at a time.

The competition ends in 1 week, start inviting :)

People to welcome
Lots of new member signing up recently, special note going to the following:

Ilona Warda  registered Holistic Practitioner, Yoga Instructor, Certified Soul Coach and Past Life Coach in Ontario, Canada.
Annika Hugoson  Medical doctor for 24 years that has recently come to a holistic approach and wants to be a bridge between traditional, complimentary and alternative medicine. Kristianstad, Sweeden.
Antonia Harman  a healer that works on physical ailments, emotional issues, spiritual problems, & allergies from London, UK.
Herbal Papaya  is a Health and Wellness company on the path of relentless pursuit for excellence and innovation. Wylie, Texas.

Say hello and get connected or see all our latest members here.

Best of the week's blogs

MindToMind - Shannon Panzo talks about Brain Management techniques that tap into and control your own vast potential locked in your subconscious mind.

The Bitter Side of Sugar - Magdalena Wszelaki talks about redefining your relationship with Sugar.

So This Is Me - by Elizabeth Cano.

STAY IN FAITH AS YOU WAIT - by Jenny Crespo.


in focus
 Healing Today 
Healing Today has provided affordable Reiki classes and attunements to hundreds of students since 1999. Training is available for all levels with group workshops, private classes, and Reiki home study courses. The Reiki classes are held in Tampa. Orlando, Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Seattle, Charlotte, and other locations all over the country.

Healing Today also sponsors and presents festivals, seminars, retreats and other events at our sanctuary in Florida, All World Acres.

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Have a great week folks.

Ian McLean

Community Manager

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