Holistic Nutrition and Natural Healing

The twice Nobel Laureate, Dr. Linus Pauling, the winner of his nation's highest scientific award, recently stated that medical doctors do not know very much about nutrition, as it is not adequately, if at all, taught in medical schools.

Physicians, consequently, claim that ordinary diets will give us all the nutrients we need. Dr. Pauling says this is not true as we do not get the amounts needed in the average diet, which often does not contain all of the 40-50 nutrients which we must have for optimum health.

We also need to establish accurate correlations between specific nutrients and the prevention and treatment of specific problems in the complete, holistic human body. This is the only permanent means of healing, if continued with the properly balanced ratio of nutrients in our daily selection of food, to prevent our mounting deficiencies and excesses from causing disturbances in function and failures of metabolism.

Dr. Paul Neuberne, biological researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has discovered that even a slight deficiency of one nutrient can cause disease, a reversal of the previously held concept that only gross deficiencies are dangerous to health.

Where the natural defenses of the human body are reduced by imbalanced nutrition, there is a loss or diminishing of the body's natural healing power. This must be restored to obtain optimum health.

The body rots away if it lacks balanced nutrition, and the deficiency or, as is often the case, the complete absence Qf one or more essential element in our diet, can be the cause today of most ill health, degeneration, premature ageing and premature deaths.

The medical profession is now beginning to recognize a definite shift of patients from medicine to alternatives to medicine as evidenced by their own statements in medical and other publications. Some evidence of their change in attitude include the following examples:

A Sydney University report entitled "Doctors and Alternative Medicine", a survey of certain patients, submitted for the fifth year degree examination (MB,BS) in Preventive and Social Medicine, by honors research students, summarizes reasons why patients were not satisfied with orthodox medicine. It includes the shortcomings of the orthodox approach, including doctors' failures to acknowledge their inability to treat them and unashamedly help them to find an alternative to medicine, along with the inadequate knowledge of the doctor on alternative therapies.

Dr. Frangcon Roberts states, after years of experience in orthodox medicine, that as medicine advances, the total amount of ill health (far from decreasing) actually increases. Particularly with regard to nearly all the chronic diseases and certainly all of them which are degenerative, cure by orthodox medicine is by their very nature impossible. He concludes "Food is the best medicine and for chronic and degenerative diseases it is the only medicine which will release the healing power in our bodies".

Dr. Wynder, President of the American Health Foundation, led a symposium on cancer, a report of which appeared in the Journal Cancer Research. He stated that studies of the cancers and the diets of various peoples suggested that nutrition is related to cancer first through the dietary deficiencies leading to biochemical abnormalities; second, through nutritional excesses which may induce metabolic abnormalities; and third, that too much of some kinds of nutritious foods and non-foods (dead foods commonly referred to as "junk foods") may be particularly important in developing cancers.

He added: "We must consider whether the human metabolic processes can properly handle our present enormous excess of foods. The consequences of such excesses on the human metabolic process (beyond the enzymatic capacity to digest which results in food rotting instead of digesting) very possibly could be drastic".

On the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, Dr. Oliver Gillie, medical correspondent for the conservative London Times, reported in its weekly review that as many as nine out of ten cancers might be prevented by changing the way we live, based on the conclusion of the World Health Organization's scientists, a reversal of the previous widely accepted scientific thinking that cancer is caused largely by viruses or by inherited susceptibility.

These scientists find that most cancers are "caused" by the way we live and they are now prepared to suggest basic changes in our everyday diets to reduce the risk. Dr. Gillie's report is mainly based on an exclusive conference on "Nutrition in the Causation of Cancer" organized by the US National Cancer Institute and the American Cancer Society, which marked the increasing scientific interest in nutrition. The US Government's National Cancer Institute admits that a modified diet may play a key role in the successful treatment of cancer.

Dr. Ernest Krebs, Jr., a well-known research biochemist with several new discoveries of vitamins, including B15 and B17, stated that all the chronic metabolic diseases were found to have been caused by specific dietary deficiencies and that all metabolic diseases have been successfully treated through nutritional reforms in everyday diet.

In the report of the US Department of Agriculture, Dr. Weir estimated that if all American diets were sufficiently balanced or improved there would be dramatic improvements in 19 major health problems, half a million lives saved yearly, many fewer days lost from work, diabetic and infant mortality reduced by half, three million fewer children born with defects every year, the incidence of 90% of all diseases substantially reduced, and some completely conquered.

Dr. Cheraskin of the University of Alabama estimates that, at the present rate of sickness in America, one may expect all persons now between the ages of 17 and 24 years to be ill, if no change is made in their imbalances which are largely a function of deficiencies and excesses in their daily dietary intake causing under-nutrition damage, some of which cannot be repaired. An abuse of health by the young often does not show up in disease for 20-30 years.

Holistic Health: https://www.lifetips.top/natural/holistic-health/Holistic Nutrition and Natural HealingNutritional factors even influence the response of the body to stress, fatigue, listlessness and depression. A deficiency or excess of protein, minerals and vitamins can lead to physical illness, impair mental functions and the central nervous system.

For example; neuritis, poor memory and the slowing down of mental activity art symptoms of a B vitamin deficiency. Experiments at the Mayo Clinic and other research centers have proven, beyond any doubt, that imbalanced diets have a very definite effect on character and juvenile delinquency.

Insufficiency of nutrients can cause, in those susceptible, irritability, depression, loss of morale, feelings of inferiority; in time, extreme irritability can lead to uncontrolled anger, violence and terrorism. Depression can lead to suicide; loss of morale to dishonesty, juvenile delinquency and crime; and unwillingness to co-operate can lead to industrial unrest, strikes and absenteeism, leading to national economic rot and inflation.

Continued deficiencies and excesses not only destroy health but undermine character, personality, social and spiritual evolution. When foods are robbed of trace elements and minerals, inhibited by artificial fertilizers and subjected to vitamin loss as processed, convenience, manufactured foods, people eating them lose their zest for life and become bored and apathetic physically, mentally and spiritually.

Denatured foods can sustain existence but only natural "living" food can restore health. Unnatural diets are responsible for changes in national character so evident throughout the western world today. Most health problems today are merely symptoms of our lowered natural resistance which we have forced upon ourselves by our unbalanced diets.

If one really desires optimum health, one must find his or her dietary errors, deficiencies and excesses, and correct them. How can we determine what foods to concentrate on and which foods should be avoided for each unique individual?

Surely there is no one diet that will make up all our individual deficiencies or reduce our individual excesses. We are all different and have different needs depending on inherited strengths and weaknesses, and what we do with them. Eighty percent of our "insurmountable" health problems are created by junk food and drink today.

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