How Can Cinnamon Aid with Weight Loss?

Weight loss is one of the most popular topics discussed today owing to expanding waistline of people around the world. People simply love to cling to the thought of having a miracle food or super pills to lose weight. The reality is — you need to follow a balanced diet and exercise regularly to maintain a healthy weight.

Though there is no overnight cure, there are several herbs, foods and spices that can help with your weight loss journey. A significant one among them is cinnamon.

Uses of Cinnamon

Cinnamon has been in use since long to treat diarrhea, rheumatism, and common cold. It enjoys anti-oxidant properties capacitated to help maintain a healthy level of cholesterol and blood sugar.


The health benefits of cinnamon stem from essential oils activating the insulin receptors and mimicking the action of insulin to control the blood sugar level. Cinnamon contains yet another compound, hydroxycinnamaldehyde, which fights inflammation. The benefits of cinnamon supplements extend to bringing down harmful blood lipids associated with obesity. These supplements also enhance antioxidant effects in the body, reducing oxidative stress in the metabolic syndrome.

Now let us go through the ways cinnamon helps with weight loss.

Brings Down Insulin Level

Cinnamon enjoys a unique ability to imitate insulin activity in the body. Insulin helps with regulating blood sugar level. Maintaining the blood sugar level is of prime value to diabetics since spikes that are very high or low is dangerous for patients. Increased blood sugar level can cause trouble since that leads to storage of excessive fat making things harder for individuals eager to lose or maintain weight. Cinnamon aids in regulating this level, thereby preventing excessive fat buildup.

Maintains Blood Sugar Level

As already said, maintaining regulated blood sugar level is vital to losing weight. Cinnamon helps with it by controlling insulin quantity and directly acting on the blood sugar. A study also shows that adding cinnamon to meals can lower the glycemic index. Having low glycemic foods is vital to avoiding spikes in the blood sugar level.

Speeds up Metabolism

Just as cinnamon aids in controlling the insulin level, the spice can effectively alter the metabolism of not only sugar, but carbohydrates too. Since the body can use carbohydrate storage better, they do not turn into excessive fat. Cinnamon consumption also leads to a metabolic reaction. While eating hot pepper, the presence of cinnamon in the body allows the metabolism to speed up as it takes up extra energy to metabolize. This boost in metabolism helps with burning more calories, thereby assisting the weight loss regimen.

Reduces LDL Cholesterol

Research shows that cinnamon can help to lower bad cholesterol. The diabetic participants show a lower LDL among other weight loss indicators while taking a given dose of cinnamon.

Aids in Burning Belly Fat

The effect of cinnamon consumption on abdominal fat is much more than fat that is found in other parts of the body. As this is the problem area for most, it’s good news for anyone eager to lose fat. This may be helpful from some aspect, but remember that abdominal fat is the most dangerous type of fat. That’s because it surrounds some of the most vital organs. Less belly fat is good for overall health.

Subdues Appetite

Cinnamon can slow down the procedure of moving food into the stomach. This is good for the individuals eager to lose weight, as it helps one to feel fuller for long. Moreover, its sweet taste also alleviates sweet craving. When you are on a diet, the sweets are usually off-limit. Cinnamon can fill the void so that you are not tempted to reach the high-calorie desserts.

You can have cinnamon by adding it to herbal tea. You can also add them to oatmeal or breakfast cereals and sprinkle it on toasts. The addition of cinnamon to foods like cheese or butter or pies like apple pies enhance the taste. You can add them to ciders or fruit juice as well. Lest, take the cinnamon capsules as an alternative. You need to ensure that the cinnamon you are using is fresh.

Incorporation of cinnamon will definitely help to reduce appetite and lose weight. However, remember that cinnamon alone can never allow losing weight permanently. It must be clubbed with nutritious, low-fat diet and regular exercises.

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