Is Happiness Really Elusive?

Is it Impossible to be Happy?

As Aristotle said thousands of years ago, happiness is something we all search for, and it depends on us.
We still strive for happiness, and maybe what is keeping us from being happy is assuming that the concept of happiness is the same for all of us. I do not think that way, because each one of us have our own concept of happiness, and what brings joy to our lives. So, instead of assuming we all need the same, let’s focus on how we can be happy based on our reality.

We all face problems and difficult transitions that could make you think that being happy is just an illusion. However, if you start paying attention to small doses of happiness, even if you are going through very hard times, your perspective would change. You can find joy in little things instead of complaining all the time; instead of just dwelling; instead of just focusing on the bad things that are happening to you and to the world.

One of the main factors that contribute to our unhappiness is focusing on things that worry us; on things to complain or about things we do not have control on. We contaminate our minds with negative thoughts and worries. Just like the famous song states, Don’t worry…be happy!
Because, remember, there is a difference between worrying and paying attention.

In Principle VIII (from my system, the 11 Principles of Transformat... I talk about letting go of the past, living the present, and planning the future. I don’t say, don’t plan the future. I say, don’t worry about the future. Planning can bring us happiness, and if we set ourselves a great goal to achieve, just by looking forward to it, this can bring happiness to our lives. It just depends on our perspective and the way we think. So always remember, happiness may not be as elusive as you think it is. Make the commitment with yourself to start today, focusing on something that makes you happy. No matter if it’s for one minute, 5 minutes, or 30 minutes. If you are going through a tough time (which we all do!) remember what makes you happy, and that will bring a smile to your face. It may not change the event that is happening to you, but it will change the way you feel.

Remember Your Life Has Meaning!


Speaker, Author, Loss & Grief Coach

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