In Life, Does Self Acceptance Come Easily?

In life, Does Self Acceptance Come Easily?

Acceptance 1If we are facing a difficult life transition, we can choose to let go, to stay still, or to remove the pain. It is up to us. What will help you in your transition and in moving forward is acceptance of the situation you are confronting. It may not be easy, but if you face it with all your strength and use your inner resources, then you will be able to embrace life and find joy again.

When I say self acceptance I do not mean we have to agree or be glad with what happened to us. But if we blind ourselves and react with denial, then this attitude will not help us in the long run. I know that sometimes our own survival skills force us into that reaction because the loss may be too painful to deal with, and we are not ready to accept it. We may think it is easier to look the other way, but…out of sight is not out of mind. What you ignore does not cease to exist, it is only repressed. Sooner or later, reality strikes and we realize we may have stayed in a dark place for too long, not appreciating things or the loved ones we still had in our lives.

I know there are situations in our lives we cannot control. They are painful and we experience grief. Keep in mind that I am not suggesting you deny your pain. Actually, we need to validate our feelings in order to process our grief (Principle II of the 11 Principles of Transformation™). Still, in order to transform your loss, it is essential you accept it (Principle I); otherwise, your life would be miserable and full of negative emotions. You may stay stuck in a dark place just to regret it later. Choose peace over angst. Choose joy over grief. Choose life over loss.

On the other hand, if you are in a situation in which you have control and you are not taking action, whether it’s because of fear or because you think it is better to stay in your comfort zone – think again. Remember, you have the ability to make life a fulfilling experience. Do not leave it up to external factors to take control of your life. Especially, do not allow people to determine your happiness. Confront your reality, accept it, and do something about it.

I recommend that you not be afraid. Take a piece of paper and a pen and write down any painful situation you are facing now and that you could change by taking action. Reflect over it and then make a decision.

Unless you cut the emotional ropes that keep you lifeless and immobile… you will remain the same. Again…it is your choice.


Remember Your Life Has Meaning!


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