Laser Varicose Vein Removal is an effective solution vein disorder

Anesthetic veins, often called venectasias, varicose veins , varicose veins , telangiectasias, are one of the most common diseases of the veins that affect the population, especially women, four times more likely than men to develop this condition.

can spider veins go away

Although they are not usually accompanied by other symptoms, the unpleasant appearance is sufficient for those who face this problem to opt for Laser Vein Removal to regain the beauty of their feet.


Sclerotherapy Solution is the procedure with good or even excellent results in over 90% of varicose veins. These less aesthetically pleasing signs generally appear on the lower limbs in the form of violet blue, violet lines, with diameters ranging from 1 mm to 1 cm.


The main cause of their development is the vertical position in which we find the longest period of life, which hinders the ability of the main veins to push the blood flow to the heart, but also the inherited particularities of the venous system, explained by specialist dermatologist.


What is sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy has been used since the 1930s to eliminate varicose veins, being a procedure with superior results to laser treatments, which are even more expensive in most cases.


Sclerotherapy Before And After - The treatment involves injecting directly into the vein a sclerosing agent that irritates the lining of the blood vessel, causing the vascular wall to be destroyed. In order to obtain ideal results, injections are needed at several points and possibly in several sessions, during which the treated vessel turns into scar tissue in Vein Clinics Of America.

How the procedure is performed and Care After Sclerotherapy

During sclerotherapy, the salt solution is injected with a very fine needle directly into the vein.


At this point, there may be slight discomfort for 1-2 minutes, especially when large veins are injected. The number of veins injected in a single session depends on their size and location, as well as the general health status of the patient.


Ideal candidates for sclerotherapy

Prior to performing the Laser Vein Treatment procedure, an initial consultation with a dermatologist or specialist in vascular medicine will take place , deciding whether the patient is a suitable candidate for this treatment.

Laser Ablation Before And After

In the initial consultation, the doctor will determine if there is suspected deep vein disease or obstruction, more advanced valve problems, which can lead to a return of venous blood into the skin vessels. If necessary, a Duplex Doppler ultrasound may be recommended before treatment.

Pregnant women are not eligible for the procedure, and in the case of people who have had a blood clot in the past, the eligibility will be decided individually and will depend on the general state of health, as well as the reason that led to the occurrence of the clot respectively, completes the dermatologist specialist. Laser Ablation Side Effects are zero.

Patients should wear compression stockings for a period of 1-3 weeks after treatment, while discontinuing sports for a few days.

Visit Vein Clinics Of America to discuss your problem and get a reliable treatment.

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