Nerve Pain And Nerve Disorders: How A Nerve Specialist Can Help?

Well, if you are reading this article, you might be contemplating a nerve doctor specialist in your area. But before moving on to nerve specialists, let’s have a look at what nerve pain actually is and when you should see a nerve doctor. 


What is nerve pain?


Nerve pain or neuralgia or neuropathic pain as regarded in medical term is a kind of pain that occurs when the nerves that carries sensation to the brain gets affected by some kind of injury or diseases. It is a stabbing pain that includes a chronic prickling, tingling, numbness, or burning. 


What happens when pain is left untreated? 


Unchecked nerve pain can be difficult to bear. But with the correct treatment strategy, it can oftentimes be appropriately managed and regulated. Pain is supposed to be a warning that needs to be regulated ASAP. If left untreated for a longer period of time, it could become severe and can cause nerve damage. Damaged nerves can send wrong signals affecting the brain and the body by triggering unwanted pain without a real cause. 


Nerve pain can lead to false sensations, and the body might get overly sensitive. There might be numbness in the hands and fingertips, thus leading to a sense of touch feeling dull and muted. 


When left untreated, nerve pain gets worsened overtime. The sensations in the body get weakened, and the pain starts to move from one point to the other progressing and producing sensitivity in the entire body. 


Is nerve damage a disability?


If the pain is affecting severely your ability to work and stand or sit for a period of time and is chronic and persistent, the damage could lead to several disabilities and affects various other areas of the body. Peripheral neuropathy, a result of damage to the nerves causing weakness, numbness, and pain can even lead to loss of normal body functioning.


However, if you soon make a visit to a nerve specialist near me for your medical condition triggering the nerve damage, you may be able to stop the damage and even reverse it.


What is a nerve doctor specialist called?


A nerve doctor specialist is called a ‘neurologist’ and is a professional that is trained and certified to carry out diagnosis and treatment for nerve pain and damage. A nerve specialist is experienced in the field of nerve anatomy and nervous system and is able to define the causes and signs of the pain affecting the nervous system. They work towards implementing distinct treatment strategies to alleviate and manage not only the pain but the underlying issues that trigger that pain as well.


What does a nerve specialist do?


A neurologist or a nerve doctor specialist is a medical specialist who has knowledge about the nervous system and is trained to carry out diagnosis and treatment of nervous system disorders. Apart from that, they are also responsible for handling and managing the pain by digging deep into the signs that trigger those pain and sensations, as well as work their best to deal with them by alleviating the symptoms from its root. 



If you are looking for a neurologist, head over to Pain Treatment Specialists. Our famous nerve doctor name, Dr. George Hanna trained at the prestigious Harvard Medical School and is one of the best doctors we have at our clinic, with a focus on offering the most advanced and modern treatment to help alleviate the pain. To meet Dr. George Hanna, MD, schedule a consultation with us on (646) 904-8890. 


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