Problems of misaligned teeth like a bad bite, irregular teeth, or even teeth with gaps. One of the reliable and the most practiced techniques to treat this is with the procedure of braces and orthodontic treatment adults. Braces help improve any irregularity of the teeth that can lead to obstacles while speaking, chewing, or performing everyday tasks. The braces set the positioning of the teeth right. With the help of medical progress various types of metal braces that are accessible in the market. Since dental braces cost is not something cheap. So it is very much needed to be informed about all the important types of orthodontic braces to be able to pick the right one according to your need.

Some of the extensively used dental braces by the orthodontist are:

Conventional braces - This type of braces is the oldest one and they are the those which you imagine when you hear the word braces. This is usually considered the best braces for teens. These braces commonly comprise a tiny bracket that is attached to the visible portion of each tooth. A band placed in the molars gives support. Made of metal wires and alloys braces put stress on the teeth in a position to come on the decided place to correct the problem. The best part is they are extremely durable and being in the market for a long time, various categories are also available like including ceramic, metal, and alloy. There are also different colors and shades of braces that are present to match your style. You can pick from the numerous designs that are in the market.

Brackets - These contain very thin wires that are looped throughout the teeth and connected to the braces that embrace the entire jaw both upper and lower.

Lingual braces - they are getting a lot of popularity these days. They have gained recognition because in this type the braces are placed at the back of the teeth and become completely invisible to the person seeing you. Popularly known as “incognito braces”. This type is expensive than conventional braces and is frequently practiced on adult patients. Expander braces and lingual braces are the ones that work from inside.

Invisalign - This is primarily for adults and teens who have moderate orthodontic issues. These are movable and get swapped with a new pair at the interval of every 14 days. The best thing they are clear braces and nobody can them.

Ceramic braces - This practice a completely composite matter that does not have any traces of metallic elements. These usually are on the hefty side and do not very much "pull/push" force as the traditional metal braces. One benefit is that these are very close to the shade of teeth bone are hardly noticeable.

Inman aligner - These are also termed as 'speed braces'. These literally pressure the teeth into determined alignment much quicker and are also inexpensive than the normal braces. These take a couple of weeks to make the teeth alignment correct and are perfect for those who need minimum alignment help.

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