Sclerotherapy: Side Effects And Care After Sclerotherapy


For those who suffer from varicose veins that have become enlarged and feel uncomfortable, generally, the best treatment for varicose veins suggested treating the condition using a procedure known as Sclerotherapy. This is not only a much less invasive form of treating such problems but results in the person suffering from far fewer side effects following the procedure being carried out.

Laser Vein Treatment

Sclerotherapy Solution comes from the term sclerosis, which means to strengthen. Foam Sclerotherapy injects a saline solution into the veins using very fine needles. The introduction of saltwater tends to harden the cells that needed water and oxygen to survive. Without them, the cells slowly die and shrink from view. Afterward, the body naturally removes them from the system through the lymph nodes.

Sclerotherapy Recovery

Vascular anomalies like reticular veins are easily treated with Sclerotherapy. Doctors verify that there's no recovery time involved after a treatment. Patients must wear compression stockings and they're ready to walk around, go to work, or attend their classes. It's also natural for the affected areas to look bruised and with dark spots that will resolve one to two weeks after the treatment. However, they recommend that patients wait up to six weeks before the next session. The number of times the doctor applies treatment depends on the size and number of the veins.

Care after Sclerotherapy

Aside from the soreness and pain, the treatment doesn't need time to look into Sclerotherapy before and after results and care. In addition, the veins that had been dissolved are part of the superficial network that allows blood to deliver oxygen and nutrients to the skin and the subcutaneous tissues. After they're gone, the body simply replaces these veins and capillaries to continue supplying what the skin cells and tissues needed. In truth, elimination of spider veins improves the body's circulation because these dysfunctional veins have been pooling blood and letting it flow backward, which brings back carbon dioxide and unwanted debris from the system.

Patients should wear compression hose for one to three weeks after treatment. A follow-up appointment is needed to enable the alleviation of blood clots to improve the prognosis and the appearance.

There are no such Sclerotherapy side effects. In many cases, you can expect to return to work or your usual activities without any restrictions. It may be best for you to avoid overexertion and strenuous exercises for 3-5 days after treatment to allow your legs time to heal. Mild discomfort, sensitivity, and bruising should resolve within two to four weeks.

Where Sclerotherapy is performed?

Vein treatment is easier done on areas where there are more tissue and muscle, such as chest, thighs, and legs. Areas around the ankles and the foot may be more challenging, but treating the veins isn't impossible. However, facial veins are best treated with the Laser rather than Sclerotherapy. As a final note, most specialists recommend high-pressure compression stockings to patients.

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