Living holistically means being thoughtful about everything you put into your body. Whatever you eat or drink has an effect on every part of you. However, some of these effects are complicated and therefore aren’t readily understood. For example, many people know the role protein has in building muscle mass. What they don’t realize, though, is how important that is for losing weight.

Adding more tissue through a diet featuring good amounts of lean protein helps you burn excess calories before they have a chance to be converted into fat. It also has the benefit of reducing hunger in many cases, which can prevent the mindless snacking that is so dangerous to our health. This is why a handful of nuts in the middle of the day can help you resist the temptation for a cookie or a bag of potato chips before dinner.

Protein does a lot to help you meet your fitness goals. Yet it’s wise to remember that too much of any nutrient can do more harm than good. When part of a nutritious, balanced diet, it can be a powerful tool for maintaining a healthy body type. To learn more about how you can ensure you’re getting the right amount in your diet and why it’s necessary, see the accompanying checklist.

The Power of Protein was created by the Center for Weight Loss Surgery

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