The Usefulness of Reiki for Physical, Mental and Spiritual Balance

A healthy physical, mental and spiritual state is the foundation for living a happy and fulfilling life. Being in great physical shape, having positive thoughts and feelings and enjoying a feeling of connectedness is the ideal condition for humans to be in all the time. Sadly however, circumstances occur at home, at work or at play that obstruct the overall physical, mental and spiritual balance now and then. In such cases, the overall balance of the body is disturbed, leading to certain illnesses.

The healing touch that is Reiki is an incredibly powerful one. It is a life force energy, contributing significantly to the improvement of health and quality of life. The life force provides nourishment for the cells in the body, and helps them perform their various functions. A low life force makes one feel weak and susceptible to illness. Healing and strengthening the body can be done through strengthening your life force.

How Reiki Treatment Works

Reiki is applied by lightly placing the hands on or close to the body of the person in need. There is then a flow of healing energy from the hands and body of the Reiki practitioner to the body of the patient. The energy flow brings with it feelings of relaxation, pain relief, mental clarity, a sense of well-being, and overall decreased anxiety. According to research, this occurs as a result of an increase in the activity of the parasympathetic autonomous nervous system in the patient. Certain Reiki Healing Services in London is available to deal with symptoms of physical, mental and spiritual imbalance using this incredible method of healing energy transfer.

Experience Reduced Stress, Anxiety and Spiritual growth with Reiki

Reiki has certain proven health benefits, among which include stress reduction and increased relaxation. In one session of Reiki treatment, a patient can begin to enjoy a feeling of relief from stressors and anxiety experienced in certain circumstances. This is because the method is designed to wake up the body’s natural relaxation response and lower stress. Problems such as irregular heart rhythms, eating disorders, or gastrointestinal problems which lead to a physical imbalance in the body can be helped with Reiki treatments.

Reiki also poses mental and spiritual benefits by increasing one’s overall positive energy, improving the mood and creating a bigger capacity for one to love, empathise and connect deeply with others. Register with accredited Professional and Authentic Reiki Courses in London to begin a journey to real mental, physical and spiritual balance.

The practice of Reiki treatments is quickly getting accepted in hospitals and other care centres, possibly because of the non-traumatic nature of the healing approach which seamlessly blends in with traditional clinical treatments.

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