Top 3 Things to Know in Deciding on Reiki Training Course in the UK

Interest in the Reiki practice and treatment is increasing every day. Many people who are interested in learning about it find themselves wondering how to decide on the best Training course to choose.

It is better to learn the Reiki practice in a group with a qualified, relatable Reiki master. You want a Reiki master who is supportive when relating with the students. Learning to practice Reiki in a group is better than signing up for a solo class. You are going to have a richer experience when in a group. Human interaction and the sharing of experience with other students and the teacher enliven the whole process.

Here are things to do when deciding on a Reiki training course:

1. Competence

The competence of a Reiki master is the first thing you should consider. Is he a committed teacher who practices daily self-healing values? Teaching experience is important. You should find out where he received his training and for how long he has been practicing. It requires time to gain a true mastery of Reiki.

2. The Aura of the Teacher

What presence does the teacher give off? Is it a welcoming, calm and empowering presence? Do you find his communication understandable? Those are the questions to ask yourself when you meet a Reiki master. It is important to choose a teacher you are comfortable with. Do not choose a teacher based only on reputation and experience. If you like the teacher and find him approachable, it will make your learning more enriching.

 3. Deciding on a Class

The question lots of potential students ask is: should I go for the First degree class only, or should I register for the Second degree class, as well as the Master course training? How many hours would be enough to learn them?

The First degree training is devoted to teaching the basics of Reiki. It is focused on teaching the daily hands-on self-treatment. The class will give you an overview on the history and founder of the Reiki practice, and you should feel comfortable with carrying on with your self-treatment at home at the end of the class. Ten hours should be enough to learn in a small group, but it might be better to go for a class spread over a 48 hour period. This gives you time to go home and practice, and come back the next day with your questions if you have any.

If you need more guided information on Reiki Training Courses in the UK, reikibyrekha offers some of that.

The Second degree class is focused on teaching distant treatment. It might not be necessary to go for a second degree class. Your First degree class gives you all you need for self-treatment, and to informally share treatment with others. If you decide on going for a Second degree class, give yourself a few months to practice the daily hands-on self-treatment before you register.


Reiki is a practice of healing. You should choose a teacher that radiates what the practice is all about.

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