Varicose veins. Movement, medicines, treatments, which is what the doctor recommends

Most often, we think that the disease begins with "heavy legs" and a feeling of swelling, but this is the next stage of the disease. Trouble starts sooner, but unfortunately, we don't realize it yet. And even if the legs become a burden for us, we blame it on fatigue, a hard day. It is not worth waiting for the disease to develop more but ask vein doctor in Illinois  about this issue. The first cure is simply movement, activity in water. It is recommended, e.g., Nordic walking and swimming, but in fact, every sport is at a premium. In addition to lifting weights, it just exacerbates the disease.


When the legs become a burden [LIVING DISEASES PART 1.]

Bad microcirculation is the main cause of edema. We are talking here about the work of the smallest vessels of our body - capillaries. One end of them leads arterial blood, rich in nutrients and oxygen, to the body's cells. It is ejected under pressure. The other end of the capillary already belongs to the venous system. And this end works as a vacuum cleaner. The blood containing metabolic products and what cells have got rid of is sucked inside. It is all that, what leaking from the capillary is in balance with what is absorbed back. When this balance is disturbed, there is swelling, ankle swelling, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs. Vein treatment Illinois help regulate this process.

They can even seal abnormally working venous valves. It is not worth neglecting the first symptoms of chronic venous insufficiency, because this disease does not go away by itself. It begins innocently, but untreated leads to the next stage - spider veins and varicose veins. Varicose veins can be treated more specifically - close them with the help of laser therapy, electrotherapy, or surgically removed. Patients ask us whether varicose veins will return after the procedure. Varicose veins are mostly genetic. Yes, they will come back after some time. However, you still need to undergo surgery at vein center Illinois because it is necessary to stop the further development of the disease.

Untreated varicose veins do not melt; they are not just a matter of aesthetics. Here we come to the final stage of chronic venous insufficiency - venous ulceration. These are severe open sores on the legs, very difficult to treat. And in 7-10 percent not at all cured! The ulcers are very bothersome, and their treatment challenging to accept for the patient. It would help if you bandaged your legs, wear special compression tights,  with 2nd degree of pressure, regardless of whether it is minus ten or plus 30 degrees outside. Nobody wants such discomfort. Older people have problems with proper ulcer care. That is why varicose veins need to be treated, even if we are aware that they will return in time. Of course, at every stage of the disease, preferably at the very beginning, a change in lifestyle helps. Poles mistreat their veins, and yet chronic venous insufficiency is included in many professions.

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