What are the procedures for underbite correction?

An orthodontics treatment services can change the shape of your face as well as your smile

If you have an underbite issue, your misaligned jaw or extruding teeth will impact your facial appearance. In the situation of an underbite, it makes the lower jaw look more extended and the cheeks appear sunken. Orthodontics treatment can affect as changes your facial shape, and it can be minor depending on the severity of the problems you have faced.


An underbite or reverse overjet is defined as a condition where the lower jaw distends forward in front of the upper jaw, causing the lower teeth to overlap the upper teeth. An underbite can happen from an over-developed lower jaw, an under-developed upper jaw, or a combination of the two jaws with proper alignment. Underbite correction is needed as you experience your smile transition from crooked to straight.


Fix underbite is needed to prevent further future complications. Braces and aligners were designed to straighten teeth and fix an underbite. A qualified surgeon can also correct underbite successfully. Various surgery types are available to correct underbite include reshaping to lengthen the upper jaw or shorten the lower jaw. In some cases, the use of wires, plates, or screws may maintain the proper shape of the jawbone.

What are the treatments for underbite correction?


  1. Hin Caps and Reverse-Pull Face Mask


These are devices that are used to reduce the growth of the lower jaw. This process comprises wrapping around the head and attaching to metal bands on the upper back teeth to pull the upper jaw into the correct position. You can use this mask very easily on your own.


  1. Orthodontic Braces


Braces are the traditional solution to fix teeth alignment. Braces adjust the teeth with a good alignment and generally cannot change the size of the lower or upper jaw. An orthodontist provides all effective solutions for alignment and straightens your teeth. Braces involve lower teeth projecting or forwarding in front of the upper teeth. It will improve your teeth correction in addition, you will wear a more confident and beautiful smile.


  1. Jaw Surgery


This is performed by an orthodontist with a rare case. In this procedure, physically cut down or reduce the size of the jaw. As it is a surgical operation it has risk factors like wound site, anesthesia, post-operative infections.


  1. An upper jaw expander


An upper jaw expander is a wire tool fixed to the top of the mouth. This process typically takes about one year after that the expander is replaced with a retainer.


Underbite correction without surgery may be effective in some cases. Consult with your orthodontist and get more knowledge about the right treatment and detailed information about the treatments. 




An underbite is a situation that sometimes causes several problems. You should make an appointment with an orthodontist that is able to tell you what type of malocclusion you’re experiencing and get a better smile as you can expect from your treatment.

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