What Does Restorative Dentistry Cover?

A branch of dentistry that focuses on replacing damaged or missing teeth is known as Restorative Dentistry. These dentists primarily remove and repair cavities and provide treatment for other oral conditions more specifically. The patients who need dental repairs due to trauma or injuries, also specialize in treating them.

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Other dental fields including endodontics, prosthodontics, and periodontics can also incorporate treatments with this branch of dentistry. This happens because many patients require multifaceted care, which means they may require treatment from more than one specialist.


To save teeth and also restore the natural look, shape, and feel of natural teeth is the main goal of Restorative Dentistry Near Me.

  • They repair dental teeth with dental fillings or bonding treatment
  • With indirect or direct restorations such as inlays, Onlays, crowns, or fillings, they restore missing parts of tooth structure.
  • Artificial restorations, such as implants, bridges, or dentures they replace missing teeth entirely.


What issues does restorative dentistry fix?


The most common procedure is the filling of any cavities whereas, Dental Restorative Services can fix and help your mouth stay healthy. Any more decay or harm to be done to that tooth or any surrounding teeth can be prevented by filling cavities. With implants, bridges, or dentures any missing teeth that get replaced is also a common restorative procedure. With crowns or caps teeth that need to be strengthened are also considered a restorative procedure.


What happens before a dental restoration?


A dental restoration depends on what type of restorative you’re having. Be sure to keep your teeth as clean as possible by brushing and flowing before any procedure. During a routine cleaning, your dentist will discover cavities and schedule an appointment to apply fillings. During a preliminary visit, they’ll measure your mouth and make models of your jaw fordentures.


What should you expect after the procedure?


Your Houston Dentist might recommend that you change your eating and drinking habits for the next 24 hours following a dental restoration:

  1. You have to eat soft foods
  2. Eat cold foods
  3. Try the warm soup if you can handle the heat


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You must continue brushing and flossing your teeth every day after any procedure. So that you don’t dislodge a temporary restoration, your dentist may ask you to only floss in one direction and pull the floss through.


What are the complications of dental restorations?


After a Restorative Dental Treatment, the most common risk is sensitivity or general discomfort. You may get an infection or have an allergic reaction very rarely to the metals used. Crowns may become chipped or loosened or may fall off but dental restorations have very few risks. If you have delayed getting cavities filled or deep cavities that can lead to root canals or tooth extractions then you must contact your dentist right away if you have a problem with your teeth.


What is the recovery time of this procedure?


After dental restoration, you may be sensitive or have to only eat soft food for up to 24 hours. Adjusting your dentures may take more time, but in general, the recovery time is quick.

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