Tans Palatal Arch or TPA is an orthodontic appliance connecting two molars on the upper dental arch controlling the position of the molars. A TPA device falls under the category of the lingual arch for the upper jaw. This orthodontic appliance is used to create more space in the jaw. TPA helps to maintain the placement and movement of the molars and makes sure that teeth are aligned in place.

TPA is a stainless steel device placed in tubes on the palatial side of the molars. The length of the molars is measured invariably on plaster models using a soft wire. The wire is bended to adapt the shape of the model in order to fix between the molars.


How do you know you need a TPA?

When you start losing baby molars partially or completely, TPA orthodontic becomes relevant. TPA is used to hold upper molars in place, stabilizing the position of the molars. TPA can be useful in improving bite and controlling molar tipping during clinical situations.

How can you get an Orthodontic TPA?

In some cases, the dentist may recommend a tooth extraction first before getting the TPA appliance. This is done in order to make TPA appliance more useful. This can be done with adults and children both depending upon the need. TPA is generally used to keep the first molars in place and help the healthy teeth to settle in place.

Consult your dentist if you need a TPA. The dentist will first diagnose you and later will proceed with placing tooth separators. The process doesn’t take more than 30 minutes but you need to schedule follow up appointments with your dentist 3-10 days after installation.

The dentist may choose proper bands for your teeth when the separators have adjusted well. Rubber-like glue will be injected or inserted into your mouth to create a mould of your teeth. This process of moulding and creating a band after may take about two to three weeks.

Glue is used as bonding to attach the bands around the teeth and TPA tool is applied to your molars. TPA helps in proper alignment of the teeth. It can be used either before or after wearing braces.

TPA Braces or archwire is a wire attached to a dental arch that is used with dental braces to correct positioning of the teeth and rectify irregularities. An arch-wire maintains the dental position and is fabricated in many alloys most commonly in stainless steel. It is made to custom fit the inside of the teeth.

Remember that careful oral hygiene is very important while your appliances are on. Also, avoid chewy or sticky or hard food items in order to get better results. It is suggested that patients should rinse their mouth with water after every meal. Brush and floss as usual and clean around the band and palatal arch properly.

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