Sclerotherapy is basically a medical process which is used to remove the vascular insufficiency

of varicose and the spider veins. The concept of Sclerotherapy mainly consists of an injection with the solution (usually it is the salt solution) that gets punched directly into veins of patient. The solution initially irritates the blood vessel’s lining, thereby causing it to simply collapse as well as stick together and creating the clot of blood. Over the passing of time, the vessel will turn into scar tissue which eventually fades from view. However, vein removal is an effective treatment offered by the experts and professionals.

Before the process of sclerotherapy, you might also have an initial level of consultation with the dermatologist or with specialist of vascular medicine for the purpose of spider vein treatment near me that will decide that you are actually a great candidate for such kind of the procedure.

If you are looking for varicose vein doctors near me, you need to know that you are not really eligible to undergo such kind of treatment if you are pregnant. You may even have the process of sclerotherapy when you taking the pills of birth control. If you possess any kind of blood clot in past, your level of eligibility will get decided on individual basis, as well as it will also depend on overall health of area requiring the treatment for blood clot.

The Veins which are usable potentially for the surgery of future heart bypass that will not be considered for the purpose of sclerotherapy, till the time they are deemed to be unusable.


How is the procedure of Sclerotherapy Done?

In many cases of sclerotherapy, salt solution gets injected through much fine needle into the vein at the vein center near me. At such point of time, you may also be able to experience the mild level of discomfort as well as cramping for some minutes, particularly when larger veins get injected. This procedure is followed at vein centers of America and usually it takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

Number of the veins that are injected in every single session mainly depends on location as well as the size of the veins, and also the common medical condition of patient.

The process of Sclerotherapy is mainly performed in office of the doctor and it is generally performed by the surgeon or by the dermatologist and the process requires that you does not perform any kind of the aerobic activity for just some of the few days once this procedure is conducted.

Before the procedure of sclerotherapy is performed, you must avoid some of the medications. You should also talk to your doctor regarding different kinds of medicines (that includes over-the-counter herbs, drugs as well as required dietary supplements) that you are taking. In case, you require to take the medicines of antibiotic prior to the process of sclerotherapy, it is suggested that you should contact your doctor. Also, no lotion must be applied to your legs prior to this procedure.

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