Why Dental Scaling And Root Planing Is Important?

Gum diseases are common and must be eradicated as soon as you are affected by it. Scaling and root planing is the dental procedure that is done to eradicate infections and clean below the gum line to treat gum diseases. Periodontal diseases also called gum diseases is bacterial infection of the tissues that hold the teeth. If left unaddressed the gum diseases can spread to different parts of the mouth affecting the dental bone and can cause tooth loss. This can have an affect the overall health of the individual.


Restorative dental procedures are done to keep one’s teeth healthy giving that beautiful smile back. Dental fillings, bridges, scaling and root planing, are the major restorative dental procedures. Dental scaling and root planing are aimed to restore the look and functionality of one’s teeth and gums.

What is Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

When our gums and teeth are severely attacked by bacterial infection due to continuous plaque and calculus deposition, injuries or poor dental hygiene, it causes gingivitis and periodontitis.

This is the initial phase of the gum disease and can be identified with the inflammation in the gums. If no remedial measures are taken, the disease can spread around and causes a serious dental crisis. In such a situation, teeth cleaning solutions like scaling and root planing procedure are considered. Scaling and root planing involve the careful and deep cleaning of the pockets (gaps between teeth and gums that often get infected by the bacteria, plaque, and tartar).

Normally gums recede a few millimeters from the bottom of the teeth. Gums that are diseased or infected will pull away and recede further from the teeth, leaving the gaps (pockets). When gums recede more than the normal pockets between the gums and the teeth increase which accumulate germs, bacteria, and tartar between them.

Why do I need Periodontal Scaling and Root Planing?

If the gum disease is detected early, it should not be left unaddressed and should be treated immediately. In the early stages of gum diseases, the dental professional can perform dental cleaning and help restore the structure below the gumline. One of the pockets between the gum and the teeth become too deep, one might need scaling and root planing procedure. The procedure requires multiple sitting and can be expensive.

The deep cleaning has two parts, one is scaling where the dental expert removes all the deposits of tartar and the other is root planing where the teeth roots are smoothened out and the gums are reattached to the teeth. The procedure might require local anesthesia to perform the procedure.

Aftercare Tips:

After the scaling and root planing procedure, patients might feel a little pain and discomfort for the first few days. The gums might feel swollen and can bleed a little. To control infection and pain, the dentist would recommend medicine.

Keep in mind to not consume any substance/food/beverages that can harm your teeth and gums.

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