Why Employers Should Consider Reiki for Work Related Stress Management

The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reports that 1.3 million people who worked between 2015 and 2016 were dealing with an illness they were certain was caused or aggravated by work. Of that number, about 500,000 were fresh cases that started within the year. There were 488,000 cases of work related stress, anxiety, or depression, with a total of 224, 000 new cases.

Further, stress accounted for 45% of all working days lost as a result of ill health and 37% of all cases of work related illness. Imagine there was a way for people to retain their productivity while drastically reducing the stress they feel, wouldn’t you take it? That way is Reiki.

How high stress levels affect employers

Employers suffer when employees fall sick and are not able to work, resulting in reduced productivity in the work environment. With a total of 11.7 million days lost in 2015/16 due to work related stress, depression, and anxiety, it is clear something serious has to be done to drastically reduce or eliminate this problem if work must run smoothly.

Even more, in 2010, absenteeism and stress related disorders cost the UK £3.7bn, that is, £666 per employee, and a total of 13.5m working days lost. Other than absenteeism, presenteeism is increasingly becoming a serious problem, where employees get to work too stressed to work, unmotivated, tired, and disengaged. Interestingly, organisations where there had been a rise in presenteeism were more likely to see a rise in stress-related absence from work over the same period.

How Reiki can help

Reiki presents an opportunity to reduce stress in the workplace using a safe and non-invasive method that can be done during your employees’ break time. It is a Japanese technique for promoting healing and attaining relaxation and stress reduction. The basic idea is to raise one’s life force energy to levels high enough to ensure a healthier and happier life.

Part of the beauty of Reiki is you don’t have to pay a practitioner every time you need a session for your employees because the art of Reiki can be learnt by anyone. You should try one of the best Reiki Training Courses in the UK- reiki by rekha and Reiki Healing Treatment and Courses in London.

Reiki promotes relaxation and reduces muscle tension during the treatment and also for a couple of hours after. With a Reiki session, you will feel more relaxed, much calmer, and will be better able to take care of whatever problems you have to. Your employees will develop skills to help them better manage stress, and with their new found skills come improved self-confidence, focus, health, and productivity. 

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