A Message of Hope for the Bereaved from Ligia M. Houben

Ligia Houben Shares Her Story of Loss at the Age of 12, the Loss of Her Beloved Father Julio C. Martinez, how she Transform it, and now here to help you transforms yours too.

Grief is the natural response to a loss. As a Certified Grief Counselor, Life Transitions Coach, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Grief Counseling, Ligia has specialized in helping others deal with any loss or difficult life transition in a caring and empowering way. People generally try to ignore their grief and pretend that nothing has happened to them, but inside they are hurting. If this pain is not acknowledged and recognized, then it stays with us, preventing us from moving on with our lives. Although most people expect grief to be expressed only at the emotional level, it can be experienced in all dimensions: - Physically - Spiritually - Emotionally - Socially


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